Brett Cousins

Brett Cousins

As a qualified trainer, Brett taught drama and communication at Victoria University for 6 years. He has also taught similar subjects at Swinburne University, La Trobe University The Victorian Youth Theatre and The Australian Ballet School… as well as running Master Classes at Red Stitch Actors Theatre for the last 5 years. In addition, he has facilitated numerous corporate training initiatives. In 2005, Brett was awarded the Green Room Award for ‘Best Actor in Independent Theatre’ and was nominated again in 2007. Brett appears as an actor in the upcoming feature film, The Menkoff Method, and appeared in the recent MTC productions of The Waiting Room and Glengarry Glenross. Brett has performed dozens of roles at Red Stitch, including Detroit, Out of the Water, The Aliens, Stockholm, Creditors, Farragut North, Motortown, This Is How It Goes, The Shape Of Things, and Some Voices. He has acted in seasons with the Bell Shakespeare Company and the Australian Shakespeare Company. Other film and television credits include roles on Howzat!, Winners and Losers, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Underbelly, City Homicide, Bootmen, Neighbours, and JAG. In his capacity as a founding ensemble member of Red Stitch Actors Theatre, Brett has had a hand in producing more than 100 plays over 15 years. In particular, Brett has worked in writer’s rooms, working with writers to develop new Australian plays as part of Red Stitch’s ‘INK‘ program. This year, Brett directed the Australian Premiere of Wet House. As a writer, Brett is in the final stages of development on his first feature film, Breakable, which has been supported over the journey by Film Victoria. His first television series Refuge City is also well into development.

Practical Introduction to Acting , Scene Work and Auditions

There is plenty of mystery shrouding the art of acting. This inaccessibility, confrontation, and fear is often perpetuated by some acting teachers and directors. It discourages people who are excited about trying acting for the first time, and often paralyses more experienced actors; placing them in a state of mind that is completely incompatible with the conditions of invention, openness, creative thought, and experimentation, that are essential to the acting process. Acting shouldn’t be a mystery. It need not be overly confronting. This course will dispense with all the secrecy and give participants a simple and exhilarating insight into what acting is all about as well as providing a series of exciting acting experiences that are challenging yet non-confronting. This approach has been really successful for seasoned professionals as well as beginners… so all are welcome!

Acting - In Essence

How do scenes work? How should an actor approach a scene? How do actors collaborate with each other within a scene? How do actors generate real authenticity and truth? Certain characteristics are common to any scene, regardless whether it’s television, film, or theatre. By breaking scenes down to their simplest form, we are able to play around with them in a non-confronting way, to create a simple template we can then apply to more complex dramatic situations.

Character, Space and Physicality

We will gain an insight into creating characters, and learn some techniques to help us serve the script. Within a scene, we have many tools at their disposal. We have our body, our voice, other actors, and the use of the space itself to help us along. We will augment our previous experiences working simple scenes with some new techniques that will help give our work depth and complexity.

Trade Craft

What tools do we have at our disposal when acting in a scene? What choices can we make and how will we know how and when to make them? We will explore simple text-based scenes that will be workshopped and refined. This module will give participant’s practical tools and techniques to take on more complex dramatic material with confidence.

The Anatomy Of A Scene

We will distil the essence of our role as actors without all the fear, mystery and subterfuge. We’ll strip back the craft of acting through some simple; easy to understand exercises, and experience acting in its purest and simplest form.


We will comprehensively examine and demystify the audition process. We will have the opportunity to work in front of the camera and practice auditioning. We will then review our work and refine our skills. Putting our work on camera is a wonderful opportunity to understand our strengths and weaknesses. It also offers useful experience, as acting in an audition can often be a very different discipline to acting in other environments.

Initial enquiry

To make an initial enquiry, please apply by filling in the details under the “Enrol” heading on your right hand-side menu. On receipt of your query, a course co-ordinator will make contact with you to discuss the workshop details.


The workshop runs over two consecutive days, each day between 10am & 5:30pm. The costs per person is $450


Red & Stitch Rear 2 Chapel Street, St Kilda East VIC 3183


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