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Our background

We are AEFM International, a leading Australian-based fitness talent agency dedicated to showcasing top-tier athletic talent since 2014. Our mission is to connect fitness enthusiasts with casting directors by representing a diverse roster of multi-talented, multi-racial athletes, models, and actors. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete looking to break into modeling or a casting director seeking the perfect talent for your next campaign, AEFM International is your go-to destination.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients, ensuring that every interaction is marked by professionalism and excellence. Our primary focus is on representing top fitness models within Australia, where we have built a strong reputation for identifying and nurturing exceptional talent. However, our commitment to quality and the calibre of our models have not gone unnoticed on the global stage. Consequently, we are frequently contacted by international agencies keen to collaborate with our athletes and models. This global interest allows us to showcase the incredible abilities of our talent worldwide, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to shine in diverse markets and projects. By partnering with AEFM International, clients can trust that they are working with a premier agency that is recognised both locally and internationally for its high standards and outstanding service.

For casting directors and creative agencies, AEFM International offers unparalleled access to over 350 top-tier fitness models across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth. Our models not only embody athleticism but also bring authenticity and energy to every project. We take pride in our personalised approach, ensuring we understand your specific needs and provide talent that aligns perfectly with your vision. With long-standing relationships with top brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Under Armour, and a global reach that meets varied client needs, AEFM International sets the benchmark for excellence in the fitness modeling industry.

Mission statement 

At AEFM International, our mission is to set the gold standard in the fitness modeling industry by representing the finest athletic talent across Australia. We are dedicated to showcasing the exceptional abilities of our models, who not only possess striking looks but also exemplify peak physical performance. Our core purpose is to bridge the gap between creative art agencies, marketing directors, and directors with the perfect fitness talent that can elevate their campaigns. By fostering strong relationships and delivering unparalleled service, we aim to bring every brand’s vision to life with authenticity, creativity, and precision. We strive to ensure that each project resonates deeply with its audience, making a lasting impact and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Who do we work with?

Our fitness models have firmly established themselves as respected and highly sought-after talents within the industry. They have consistently been the faces of numerous high-profile campaigns, spanning advertising, creative agencies, film, and TV production. This extensive exposure not only demonstrates their versatility and adaptability but also highlights their success in various sectors. Their rich experience and global presence make them invaluable assets for future sporting projects, ensuring they bring both professionalism and star power to every campaign they are part of.

Our diverse range of models sets us apart from the average talent agency by excelling in a wide variety of sports, demonstrating their unparalleled athleticism and versatility. Our models are proficient in disciplines such as soccer, basketball, track and field, swimming, hockey, boxing, and many more. This expertise allows them to bring authenticity and dynamic energy to every project. Whether it’s sprinting, throwing a javelin, dribbling a soccer ball, or expertly handling a hockey puck under pressure, our athletes consistently perform at the highest levels. Their ability to excel in multiple sports not only showcases their physical prowess but also makes them ideal for the demanding and varied needs of high-profile campaigns.

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Vision Statement

Looking ahead, AEFM International envisions a future where we are globally recognised as the premier fitness talent agency, known for our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our long-term goal is to expand our influence internationally, becoming the first choice for brands and creative agencies seeking top-tier athletic talent. We aim to continuously nurture and develop our diverse pool of models, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry. By doing so, we aspire to shape the future of fitness modeling, creating iconic campaigns that captivate audiences and inspire both male and female talent across the globe. Our vision is to make a significant impact on the global stage, highlighting the dynamic and powerful world of fitness and athleticism.

International Bookers

Our booking team is dedicated to providing fast and efficient service, ensuring a seamless experience for all our clients. We understand that when you’re looking for top fitness talent, time is of the essence. That’s why our turnaround time from your initial call to booking the perfect talent is exceptionally quick. We pride ourselves on making this process easy and stress-free, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your project. Our commitment to speed and efficiency means you can count on us to deliver the right talent, right when you need them, making your job as a casting director or creative agency that much easier.

We understand that as a casting director or creative agency, time is of the essence when you’re looking for the perfect talent. That’s why our booking team is dedicated to making the process as quick and seamless as possible. From your initial call to booking the talent, our turnaround time is exceptionally fast, ensuring you get the right fit without any hassle. Over the past 10 years, we’ve serviced hundreds of clients, a testament to the high standards we uphold. We consistently strive to exceed expectations, going above and beyond to create a positive experience and build trust with every client. This dedication not only leads to client satisfaction but also solidifies our reputation as a leading agency that delivers outstanding results every time.

Why should you hire our talent?

Our fitness talent is unmatched, setting the standard for excellence in Australia. Exclusive to AEFM International, our elite fitness models have built their careers with us over the past decade, proving their dedication and prowess in the industry. These exceptional individuals not only possess striking aesthetics but also photograph exceptionally well. They live and breathe fitness, embodying athleticism in every aspect of their lives. Many of our models are competitive athletes, thriving in various sports outside their modeling careers. This dual commitment to fitness and athleticism ensures they bring unparalleled authenticity and energy to every project. By choosing AEFM International, you’re not just getting a model; you’re getting a top-tier athlete who excels in both looks and performance, setting us apart from any other agency in the market.

At AEFM International, our talent goes beyond the everyday commercial model; they are elite athletes at the pinnacle of their sporting professions. Each of our models brings exceptional sporting skills to the table, making them perfectly suited for fitness and athletic campaigns that demand more than just good looks. This is why AEFM International was established years ago – to provide a platform for these outstanding athletes.

Our models possess a unique combination of timing, movement, power, and precision that cannot be replicated by traditional models. They live and breathe their sport, competing at the highest levels, and this authenticity shines through in every shot. Whether it’s executing complex athletic maneuvers or displaying the raw energy of competitive sports, our talent delivers genuine performance that enhances the authenticity and impact of your campaign. When you choose AEFM International, you’re not just hiring a model; you’re partnering with an athlete who brings real athleticism and dedication to your project. This commitment to excellence and authenticity sets us apart and ensures that your project looks amazing and feels truly genuine.

Talent Search & Recruitment

Welcome to AEFM International, the leading Fitness Talent Agency here in Australia! If you’re passionate about fitness and have a look for athletic modeling, we’d love to help you take your talent to new heights. To join our dynamic team, simply go to the “Be Discovered Page” and fill out the application form. We’re looking for individuals who excel in physical fitness and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to modeling, if you’ve got the dedication and charisma, we want to hear from you.

Becoming part of the AEFM family means access to incredible opportunities to showcase your skills in front of top creative agencies, marketing directors, and industry professionals. We’re committed to supporting and developing our talent, helping you reach your full potential. Our team will work with you to enhance your natural abilities and prepare you for exciting projects and campaigns. So, if you’re ready to make your mark in the fitness modeling world, apply today and start your journey with Australia’s premier fitness talent agency.

Who we represent

Our talent is exceptional and unique, living lifestyles that embody peak fitness and health, far beyond what most agencies can access. As a boutique fitness modeling agency, AEFM International represents top-tier models who excel in the health and fitness space. Our diverse talent pool includes athletes skilled in sports such as Soccer, NRL, Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Baseball, Boxing, and Track & Field, to name a few. These individuals are not just models; they are dedicated athletes who spend their days training, competing, and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We provide our clients with unparalleled service by connecting them with highly skilled models who align perfectly with their brand identity. Whether you need talent for a commercial shoot, a social media campaign, or any other project, AEFM International ensures that you get the best fit for your needs, showcasing true athleticism and dedication.

Our models are more than just faces—they are dedicated athletes who embody fitness and health in their everyday lives. This commitment to a healthy lifestyle makes them ideally suited for a wide range of sporting campaigns and fitness projects. Their authenticity and dedication add a layer of credibility to campaigns focused on fitness, athleisure, wellness, and health. By living the lifestyle they promote, our models bring genuine passion and expertise to every project, ensuring your campaign resonates with authenticity and effectiveness.