Australia’s Elite
Fitness Models

Let’s get one thing straight – strong is the new skinny.

Our background

We are an Australian-based fitness talent agency that has had a strong focus on representing athletic talent since 2014, we focus on representing a group of multi-talented, multi-racial athletes, models, and actors. We have built a solid reputation within the industry as the finest athletic modeling agency here in Australia.

As the leading fitness model agency, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly experienced and qualified talent agents in the field of athletic & sports modeling. We also pride ourselves on representing over 270 fitness models in Melbourne; Sydney; Brisbane; Gold Coast; Adelaide and Perth. and have an excellent reputation for working with clients in this exciting and growing industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible. While we focus on representing fitness models here in Australia, we are also frequently contacted by international agencies looking to work with our athletes and models from all over the world.

By representing the most athletic models and actors that Australia has to offer, we ensure that we can vouch for their capabilities and are able to deliver exceptional talent for your needs. By taking the time to get to know each individual on our books, helps us make informed suggestions and recommendations that align with the specific requirements of each brief.

Who we represent

As a boutique fitness modeling agency, we represent talented models in the health and fitness space. Our diverse range of models is uniquely skilled in sports such as Soccer, NRL, Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Baseball, Boxing, and Track & Field to name a few. We provide top-notch service to our clients by matching them with highly-skilled models who live their day-to-day life training, playing sports, and eating healthily. Whether it’s a commercial shoot or a social media campaign, we’ll find someone that fits your brand identity.

Having models on our books who are committed to fitness and live healthy lifestyles, can indeed make them more suitable for a wide range of sporting campaigns and fitness projects. Their dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add authenticity and credibility to various campaign-related work such as fitness, athleisure, wellness, health, and more.

Who do we work with?

It’s evident that your fit models have established themselves as reputable and sought-after talents in the industry. Having been the face of numerous campaigns for clients in various sectors, including advertising and creative agencies, film, and TV production, for such a considerable period shows their versatility and success. Their extensive experience and global exposure make them valuable assets for potential projects and campaigns in the future.

Our diverse range of models has been able to secure assignments with companies such as Les Mills, Reebok, Under Armour, FILA, PUMA, Premier League Soccer, NIKE, Adidas, L’UVR, and the list goes on and on. These companies require fresh new faces, athletes that are able to perform at the highest level, and elite sports individuals who are able to sprint, throw a javelin, dribble a soccer ball, and spearhead a hockey puck into the back of a net whilst avoiding being tackled, not once but numerous times over a 4 or 8-hour period, time and time again.

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Why should you hire our talent?

We know what you are thinking, conventional models, can also do what these people are able to do.

Our models are exceptional, not only do our talent look super aesthetic, but they also photograph well, they genuinely live to train, and most are athletes who play sports competitively outside of their modeling careers. Our talent lives and breathes fitness and athleticism.

That is why AEFM International was created all those years ago, that is why we exist. Our models have the skillset to make your project look amazing and feel authentic. We are not just bringing in models with good looks; we’re bringing in models who are athletes and competitors in their own right, and that shows through in every single shot they take. Timing, Movement, power, and precision are not something you can fake on camera, and more importantly, some sports or techniques can not be taught in 4 or 5 takes. Strong is the new skinny, and we are here to stay.

Our Booking Team

The dedication of our booking team operates with speed and efficiency. This showcases our commitment to delivering a seamless and prompt service to all of the clients we deal with. Exceeding your expectations is always a laudable goal, and by consistently striving to do so, we enhance our reputation and maintain you as a client as a preferred agency when booking fit and athletic talent.

By servicing hundreds of clients over the last 9-years is a testament to the high standard of service we provide. Striving to exceed expectations is an admirable goal that sets us apart from any other conventional agency. When we consistently go above and beyond what is expected, we are able to create a positive impression which builds trust with all of our clients. Not only does this lead to client satisfaction, but it also enhances our agency’s reputation as one that consistently delivers outstanding results.