Benny is an acclaimed advertising and portrait photographer known for his richly colorful, concept-based portraits that often embrace the absurd. His unique approach combines relaxed shoots with self-deprecating humor, creating an atmosphere that puts even the most reserved subjects at ease.

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About Benny

Working with both local and international brands and celebrities, Benny’s assignments have taken him as far as Pondicherry, India, for a Ford launch campaign. This international experience underscores his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse cultural contexts.

After graduating from the Photography Studies College in Melbourne in 2000, Benny honed his craft in the UK, working alongside industry-leading photographers and creative directors. This formative period equipped him with the skills and insights necessary to return to Australia and excel in high-profile campaigns for organisations such as Tennis Australia, Toyota, the AFL, Dairy Australia, Xero, and Golf Australia.

In addition to his commercial success, Benny is deeply committed to passion projects. “My Dad’s My Mate” is a poignant series celebrating the bond between fathers and sons, pairing portraits with personal stories to raise awareness about depression and promote mental health by destigmatising male vulnerability. This project underscores Benny’s belief in the power of photography to effect positive social change.

Another notable project, “Unscene Sets,” features portraits of Australia’s leading set designers, decorators, and curators in the film and television industry. In an artistic collaboration, each subject was invited to create a 3×4 meter set that reflects their personality and lifestyle, resulting in a series of intimate and unique portraits that capture the essence of each artist.

Benny’s talent has been recognised with his selection as a dual finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize for his portraits of Martin Manca, displayed in the National Portrait Gallery and featured in the exhibition catalogue in 2020 and 2021.

His photography is driven by a passion for people and their stories. His ability to capture the essence of his subjects in a single image brings his photos to life, making each portrait a powerful testament to his skill and dedication to the craft.

Creative Vision

Renowned for his richly colorful and concept-based portraits that often incorporate elements of the absurd.

Humor and Approachability

Creates a relaxed shoot environment with his self-deprecating humor, putting subjects at ease and eliciting natural expressions.

Technical Proficiency

Skilled in both studio and on-location photography, allowing him to adapt to various settings and capture compelling images.

Storytelling Ability

Effectively communicates powerful narratives through his photography.

Passion Projects

Engages in meaningful projects that raise awareness on important social issues, showcasing his commitment to using photography for positive impact.

Body of Work