Fitness Photography Brief

One brief, one vision.

Photo Concept Ideas

It’s simply about photographing the talent in the right location with the best light and the right energy that portrays the model as fit and healthy.

Brands want to see how these people would integrate into their up and coming campaign. Images that are clean with talent that are able to demonstrate different emotions and strong powerful movement.

In essence, we need to present talent on a platter to the casting director or brand manager. Somewhat similar to what’s in the current market place, but with a twist.

Lighting & Location

Scout locations prior to shoot date to ensure backgrounds are clean and to specification. (See below)

Do not shoot at high noon.

Shoot around the golden hours in the morning and in the evening for ideal lighting.

Be mindful of hotspots or highlights on the talent’s body.

Lighting should be even, with no harsh shadows.

Be careful of the sun and lens flare, do not capture the sun in the frame.


All backgrounds should be SOLID building structures that reach ground level.

Refrain from shooting in front of terracotta brick walls, rendered concrete is more desirable.

Do not shoot with trees or grass.

Waste bins & skips, telephone comms and any other distractions should be avoided.


On arrival, please check the models clothing.

For each item of clothing, capture both static and movement shots.

The model is to present a minimum of (5) sets. All are to be photographed.

Garments should be free from creases and should be neatly pressed and hung.

Ensure zips are done properly and clothing sits properly against the body and not twisted or tags showing.

No jewellery is to be worn during the shoot, only fitness-related accessories i.e Apple watch, Headphones such as beats etc.

Movement images

Capture both portrait and landscape.

Have the talent either horizontal to the camera or at 45 degrees.

Be mindful of draw-strings, shoelaces and wayward hair during actual movement.

Ensure your shutter speed is fast enough to eliminate camera shake and image blur. (1/1000+)

Shoot with enough room around the subject, so there is sufficient space to crop and straighten in post.

Camera settings

Movement shots require a shutter speed over 1/1000 second.

An Aperture > f4.0 is preferred for adequate depth of field.

Prefered lens choices (24-70mm, 70-200mm or 50mm). Nothing wider than 24mm is to be used.

Image Dimensions

LOW RES – Portrait dimensions 533 × 800 (115kb)

LOW RES – Landscape dimensions 800 × 533 (115kb)


HIGH RES – Portrait dimensions 1333 × 2000 (2MB)

HIGH RES – Landscape dimensions 2000 × 1333 (2MB)


We require 4x Polaroids. (front, left side, rear & right side)

Full length.

Things to consider:
  • Be punctual
  • Be professional at all times.
  • Shoot duration (2-hours and 15-minutes per shoot)
  • Take a minimum of 400 – 500 frames for the whole shoot
  • AEFM require a minimum of  250 proofs per shoot
  • 12x Final images to be retouched/edited.