AEFM Guidelines

Congratulations you have made the first step contacting AEFM. The following information covers any questions you may have about AEFM and everything you need to know about booking your professional photoshoot.

An introduction to AEFM

Here at AEFM, we specialise in representing the best of the best sports models Australia has to offer. We are distinctly committed to managing a select group of multi-talented athletes, models, and actors par excellence.

All of our sporting talents are strong, fit, agile, and aesthetic. They are all highly skilled athletes in their chosen disciplines, ranging from gymnastics, dance, BMX riding, track & field, boxing, soccer, and much more. We only represent the best in the industry and work with major sporting brands such as Nike, FILA, PUMA, Adidas, and Under Armour to name a few. We also work directly with ad agencies, film production companies, and commercial photographers & videographers.

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“ Strong is the new skinny™ ”

What should a modeling portfolio contain?

A well-assembled portfolio demonstrates professionalism, but it can also be the difference between getting regular castings and assignments—or not. Customers are looking for portfolios that stand out, and that have depth and variety. Companies want to have the reassurance that you have adequate experience, so when it comes to executing the brief, you have to be able to over-deliver.

It’s important that everything in your portfolio looks cohesive and like it belongs together because if it does not look like it fits together then clients may overlook you for that particular role. Fitness and athletic modeling is a small niche, therefore, it is important to have only fitness and lifestyle images within your lookbook. The last thing you want to do is confuse the company you are trying to work for.

For this reason, the importance of a professionally shot Athletic Portfolio can not be overstated.

Professional Fitness
Portfolio Shoot

  • one location2 locations
  • 5+ garment changes5+ garment changes
  • Sports action looksSports action looks
  • Your specialised sport looksYour specialised sport looks
  • Activewear/sports casual looksActivewear/sports casual looks
  • HeadshotHeadshot
  • 2-hour shoot2-hour shoot
  • 12 final image edits12 final image edits

For your information: The cost associated with your professional fitness
portfolio shoot is $850 (Plus GST)

Please ensure that you follow these guidelines carefully.

You will need a variety of garments for your photoshoot, allowing multiple options to choose from. Vibrant colours translate well on camera, keep this in mind when selecting your garments.

Sporting Accessories

Baseball caps, boxing wraps / gloves, warm up band, watches (Apple, Samsung, Fitbit), sweat bands, headphones (Beats by Dr Dre style) cricket bats/balls, tennis rackets, soccer balls, AFL ball, skates, skateboard, long skipping ropes, medicine balls, anything that signifies your sport. If you specialise in a specific sport, REMEMBER to bring these items.

All clothing items are to be washed and ironed.

Bring 6 full sets of fitness apparel with vibrant color combinations.

Gym / sports singlets, sports t-shirts, (short / long) compression top, hoodies (with and without zips). Girls also include crop tops, yoga pants / leggins, sports bras, skirts, bomber jackets, matching shoes, high top athletic shoes i.e Reebok / Nike.

Gym shorts or running shorts, compression bottoms (full length / three-quarter / above the knee).

It is imperative that you bring multiple pairs of shoes, ensure they are clean (gym, lifting, running, ballet, dance and sports shoes).

Choosing your outfits

Equally as important are the types of clothing you will bring to your shoot. A selection of proper clothing / footwear is a crucial factor in the preparation for a successful shoot. This could be the difference between a very successful shot or simply just another image. We want to attract people to your port, which means the garment needs to compliment the talent and in turn needs to be cohesive with the environment.


One of the most important aspects to shooting your portfolio is finding a meaningful location that compliments your sport and the garments you plan on bringing to the shoot. Meaning that the garments need to be vibrant, and colorful. You are also encouraged to bring sporting accessories or equipment from your chosen sports, both of these elements are important to how the final image will look.

Gymshark Garments


Ensure haircut is fresh, facial and body hair groomed and teeth clean. Pay attention to the small details and present your best appearance.

Hair & Makeup

Make-up should be kept light and natural. No unnatural eye or lip coloring. Light contour and highlighting is ideal. Hair should be kept straight or natural wavy/curly. Please ensure teeth are clean. Clean and natural nails are preferred.

During your photoshoot the photographer will build a good rapport and connection with yourself in order to create great portfolio. You will need to be confident, well presented, ready to communicate and adapt to different scenarios.

Our Clients

AEFM International has been trusted to help brands deliver their vision in a range of campaigns. We have worked on all kinds of Televison Commercials and Print Media. From high-end luxury brands to multinational corporations, our talent has the skills to make any project a success.

Here are some of the great brands our talent has been a part of. Please check out some of the work below where we have helped them deliver their vision.

Composition Cards

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Once your portfolio is complete, AEFM International will list your professional profile live on their official website and will forward both your availability and details to fitness brands, Advertising Agencies and Casting Agents.

An AEFM agent will be in touch to discuss your application. If you have
any further questions please call AEFM on: