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Six-pack made simple

Six-Pack Made Simple Six pack abs is the most heavily marketed promise in the health and wellness industry. Open any fitness, weight loss or body oriented magazine and you’ll find a reference to six pack abs in there somewhere. Yet it’s also one of the most elusive physical attributes to develop. A lot of people […]

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The Importance of cardio

The Importance of Cardio Exercise Many individuals view cardio exercise as a form of torture. However, if you inform yourself of all the benefits cardio exercise has to offer, you may well change your view. Cardio exercise is not only for super athletes training to run marathons. The benefits extend out into many areas of […]

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What is high intensity training?

Ever heard of H.I.I.T.? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training, the HIIT is a real revolution in the fitness industry and it is exploding! High-intensity interval training is a form of exercise in which you alternate between very intense anaerobic periods and slower recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. But, what does it do […]

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Results will come

Getting more exercise is one of the most popular resolutions, be it new year, season, new month or a Monday. But then comes the hard part, right? Sticking it through until results start to appear and beyond. If you are serious about sticking to your resolution you may want to consider a little planning, rather […]

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Exercises you can do anywhere

With your hectic daily routine – getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, making sure your socks aren’t floating in the dog’s water bowl, a busy day at work, coming home and fixing dinner, cleaning up the house and getting everyone, including yourself, to sleep – exercise is usually the last thing […]

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Gaining the Willpower to Lose Weight

Gaining the Willpower to Lose Weight You can lose weight if you set your mind to it! Are you ready to take action to achieve the body of your dreams? The biggest barrier you face is actually your self-discipline and willpower. You may have fallen into a vicious cycle. The cycle starts with eating a […]

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