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Breaking Bad

Gymnstics? The new way to break the plateau. Bored of spending an hour everyday lifting weights? Think that you’ve reached a plateau and don’t see progress anymore? Try to incorporate gymnastics in your routine. There are few tools that can build a strong, ripped upper body as effectively as gymnastics rings. Gymnastics rings are showing […]

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Refuelling post exercise

The type, quality and timing of the foods you consume between your exercise sessions can either help or hinder your fitness results. To effectively refuel post exercise consume a carbohydrate based meal or snack within 30 minutes of completing a session. Especially important if there are less than 8 hours between workouts or events that […]

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Body Composition

Did you know that your body composition changes as you age? Yes, I know…Im not thrilled by that news either! Age-related bone loss (osteopenia and then osteoporosis if severe) we are mostly familiar with, but are you aware that a similar age-linked phenomenon affects your muscles as well? The process is called sarcopenia – loss […]

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Results will come

Getting more exercise is one of the most popular resolutions, be it new year, season, new month or a Monday. But then comes the hard part, right? Sticking it through until results start to appear and beyond. If you are serious about sticking to your resolution you may want to consider a little planning, rather […]

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Techniques you can use when promoting yourself?

There are so many models around nowadays that it is becoming harder to make a difference. First of all don’t compare yourself to others and don’t try to copy anyone as it will not work in your favour. Networking and Social Media are your main assets, build as many relationships as you can and surround […]

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How to nail that casting

Confidence. If you were selected to be there chances are that if you’re confident enough doesn’t matter how hard the script is, or how hard the posing you need to present is, chances are you’ll get it cause you believed in yourself. But most important have work ethic and I cant say enough be polite […]

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Andrew’s Tips on engaging with the camera Be Real and Don’t Try Too Hard If you are not being yourself it is going to look like you are trying too hard. Instead, immerse yourself in the situation and relax. Don’t imagine a specific look or image and try to be that image. That image already […]

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What do magazines look for when choosing a fitness model?

Obviously, the number one priority for an editor when choosing a model is a look that matches the brief.  As a working fitness model you need to be mindful that different briefs will require different body types, different physiques, variances in musculature and specific aesthetics – so don’t be disheartened when you are not selected […]

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Model Essentials: The Top 10 MUST DO’s 

The Top 10 MUST DO’s  Conduct yourself professionally – at all times. Go the extra mile – exceed the expectations of those around you and you will be remembered and invited back for more work in the future. When posing, think creatively and be proactive – you don’t ever want it to be hard work […]

Written by AEFM International

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