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What should a Modelling Portfolio contain?

What Should A Modelling Portfolio Contain? When it comes to fitness modelling there is never going to be one exact “look” or “type” that every publication will go for. For this reason, your portfolio should effectively demonstrate your versatility as a model. By ensuring you present a range of different looks, situations, styles, even hair […]

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What does it take yo be published in a magazine?

Typically models are selected through an agency and often publications are connected to one or two agencies who they contact each time they need a model. For this reason it is important to be registered with an agency like AEFM, which will present you for opportunities. The great thing about being with AEFM is that […]

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THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO GETTING PUBLISHED By Analee Matthews, Award-Winning Editor & Publisher Who Is Analee Matthews? Analee Matthews is an award-winning magazine editor and publisher who specialises in the production of digital health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle publications. Analee has almost two decades of experience producing print and online magazines for both fitness professionals […]

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Become A Male Fitness Model – By Peter Dugmore

Become A Male Fitness Model – By Peter Dugmore Growing up as a kid I could not stop moving. I was always kicking a ball, climbing trees, hitting a ball up in the air and trying to catch it or just running around. I loved being active and that is something that has never changed […]

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The Mindset of a Fitness/Bodybuilding Competitor

My name is Nat and I love working out, eating healthy and helping people get the most out of their lives. I enjoy playing beach volleyball, shopping at the outdoor organic markets, planning and cooking my meals for the week and much more. I am a Personal Trainer and my knowledge and experience expands from […]

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Inside the mind of a working fitness model

Originally from Brazil and enrolled there in a Law Degree, I made the difficult decision to defer my law studies to become a Personal Trainer based in Spain. After the completion of my course I headed to Australia in 2008 and immediately started working at Fitness First in Sydney. I am now a senior trainer […]

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Fitness Modelling for a Photographers perspective

Andrew Rossington – Empowered Images Photography Andrew offers over twenty years experience in producing images that capture the essence of his subjects. He believes in “keeping it real” and provides an environment that makes people completely comfortable and gives people the opportunity to be themselves, express themselves and get captivating images. In recent years, Andrew’s […]

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Marketing yourself as a fitness model

Marketing: What it means to professionally “sell” yourself. The first and foremost thing that any aspiring fitness model needs to remember is professionalism. The image you portray will define all future business opportunities and potential career success. Knowing exactly what type of business you want to attract will be a direct response to the image […]

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Creating a healthy mind-set

Do you feel you could use a healthier attitude toward life? Would you like to approach things in a different way? Is a healthier lifestyle attainable? The stress of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, you can start living healthy, today, by adopting a healthy mindset. Even if […]

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