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Everlast Campaign

Written by AEFM International

The everlast campaign was a huge success. Organised by AEFM, I arrived at the studio in North Melbourne however due to Covid-19 restrictions the shoot itself had to be quite low-key. When I arrived I was greeted by Hollie, Erin, Samantha and James and was talked through the structure of how the shoot will take its course. They were super helpful, friendly, and kept me in the loop with exactly the type of shoot they were going for. At first, I was shown by Hollie the different Everlast workouts that I would be demonstrating and also be described as I go along. Then I was taken through the gorgeous Everlast outfits that I would be modelling, and we got straight into some action movements directed by James.
Through just under 3 hours of shooting, although there were initially a few re-takes of the Everlast workouts and a few lines which really didn’t want to stick in my brain, we were able to capture some great shots and videos and really portray the new Everlast range in a really great light. The team was amazing to work with and made me feel super comfortable the whole way through.

Written by AEFM International

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