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Fitness Modelling for a Photographers perspective

Written by AEFM International

Andrew Rossington – Empowered Images Photography

Andrew offers over twenty years experience in producing images that capture the essence of his subjects. He believes in “keeping it real” and provides an environment that makes people completely comfortable and gives people the opportunity to be themselves, express themselves and get captivating images.

In recent years, Andrew’s focus on lifestyle, fitness and people has seen his services in great demand. Recent projects include the image capture for a fitness personality for her TV production, magazine covers and related marketing material. Andrew provides a unique experience that ensures everyone from “complete ‘beginners” to “seasoned professionals” will feel comfortable, empowered and rewarded by exceptional images.

How are you going to “make it” in Fitness Modelling?

Fitness modelling is an emerging genre and as such there are not a lot of people who have specialised in this area over the years. That is a good thing! It means there are many more opportunities for people that want to branch into this field and there is a lot less competition than say, in fashion modelling. In saying that, not everyone who is a fashion model can be a good fitness model and vice versa.

One of the key factors is a belief is “authenticity”. There is nothing more powerful than an image that explodes off the page (or the screen) and really makes the viewer feel the image is very “real”. In fitness it is very obvious when someone is simply modelling a look and not living the moment. So “be it” don’t “pose it”.

Another key factor is to understand the best way to show your body. Everyone has angles and a look that works for them. It is important to understand what works for you. Work with a photographer that helps you develop this and exploit it to maximum potential. For example, you’ll need to learn and understand what positions present different parts of your physique – your abs, your shoulders, your back.

Create a good rapport between you and your photographer. Work together rather than against them. Suggest things that may work and be prepared to adapt to differing scenarios and ideas. Communicate what is working and what is not. If it doesn’t feel right to you then there is almost a 100% chance it will be reflected in the final image. If you feel you are being put in an uncomfortable position then communicate this and seek a change. A good rapport will come across in the images and give you both the outcome you are looking for.

So what are my top tips?

Be Real and Don’t Try Too Hard

If you are not being yourself it is going to look like you are trying too hard. Instead, immerse yourself in the situation and relax. Don’t imagine a specific look or image and try to be that image. That image already exists – create your own!

Create Positive Energy.

Slow down, enjoy and be part of the shoot.  Your energy will come through and the final result will be far more powerful.

Be Engaged, Be Patient.

If you are rushing or impatient that energy and emotion will flow through the whole crew on the shoot. Sometimes a shoot builds up its own speed, energy and momentum but there is also plenty of sitting around in a shoot. Be ready to get back into the zone when needed and relax when you can.

Be InThe Moment.

If you need a shot that needs you to reach above your head then imagine you are reaching for the sky and touching the clouds – be it – don’t pose it!

Don’t Decide You Know Better.

Suggest ideas for the shoot or things that you know work for you. Mostly your ideas will be accepted. If not you need to take rejection positively – learn from it.

Be Prompt and Communicate!

Don’t turn up late as it is disrespectful to all involved. You will influence the energy and emotion of the set and get things off to a bad start – and remember – you are the subject of the final images!

Work With Experienced People Whenever Possible.

Try to do work with experienced Fitness Photographers – even if it is TFP (Trade for Photos). The more experience, the more you will rise above the “ordinary”. There is so much opportunity for people that want to excel in this field. There is a greater opportunity to succeed in a market that is young and not over-supplied. Be real, be motivated and be professional. So think about what has been said here and start your journey!

Written by AEFM International

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