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Often it really is as simple as getting these 4 things in check:

Drinking plenty of water,

regular exercise, enough sleep (rest too!) and a healthy diet. If any of these are lacking or obsolete, this is when your results & overall health will suffer.

The most commonly overlooked would probably be rest/getting enough sleep~ SO many people overtrain. Overtraining leads to a whole host of health issues, including adrenal fatigue & excessive cortisol production, both can result in unexplained weight gain, hence triggering a vicious cycle of calorie restrictive diets & even more overtraining in an attempt to lose the weight. This never ends well. Many of my clients have been caught in this trap when they first started with me. It really is easy to combat though! The body responds quickly when you give it what it needs.

By finding the right balance of these elements you will very soon start seeing, and feeling better! True progress will begin! The 4 work in unison together

Article written by Silvia Kramska

Written by AEFM International

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