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The key to a flat stomach

Written by AEFM International

Key to a flat stomach
Getting  a  flat belly is directly linked to your diet. I wish there was another way around it, but if you’re not sticking to your clean eating diet and proper water intake, that belly isn’t going anywhere.

Keys to getting a flat stomach
• Drink at least 2.5 liters of water EVERY day, work out 5 days a week ( It is best to do HIIT cardio- fast for1 minutes, slow for 1 minute)

• Cut down on alcohol.

• Focus on your digestion. Chewing more will aid the digestion process and can reduce bloating.

• Get enough fiber! This will also help your digestive system

• Eat Slowly. Eating too fast can cause air swallows that leadsto bloating.

Foods that target belly fat


Greek Yogurt

Sweet potatoes




Chia seeds

Healthy fats such as unsaturated fats

Omega 3 fatty acids, olive oil, almonds


Foods with a high water content


Iceberg Lettuce

Green Peppers











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Written by AEFM International

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