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Written by AEFM International

Andrew’s Tips on engaging with the camera

Be Real and Don’t Try Too Hard

If you are not being yourself it is going to look like you are trying too hard. Instead, immerse yourself in the situation and relax. Don’t imagine a specific look or image and try to be that image. That image already exists – create your own!

Create Positive Energy.

Slow down, enjoy and be part of the shoot.  Your energy will come through and the final result will be far more powerful.

Be Engaged, Be Patient.

If you are rushing or impatient that energy and emotion will flow through the whole crew on the shoot. Sometimes a shoot builds up its own speed, energy and momentum but there is also plenty of sitting around in a shoot. Be ready to get back into the zone when needed and relax when you can.

Be In The Moment.

If you need a shot that needs you to reach above your head then imagine you are reaching for the sky and touching the clouds – be it – don’t pose it!

Written by AEFM International

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