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What do magazines look for when choosing a fitness model?

Written by AEFM International

Obviously, the number one priority for an editor when choosing a model is a look that matches the brief.  As a working fitness model you need to be mindful that different briefs will require different body types, different physiques, variances in musculature and specific aesthetics – so don’t be disheartened when you are not selected for a gig. The bottom line is that even though you are awesome, your aesthetics simply won’t suit every single opportunity.

It may sound unusual but personality is very important when it comes to modelling. Given a choice, photographers and editors will opt for a model that is bubbly, outgoing, enthusiastic, creative, engaging and energetic, over someone who is not.

Successful models will always conduct themselves professionally and will appear to enjoy the entire process (even during those boring moments when all you seem to be doing is waiting around!). Your attitude and personality can show through in your photographs, so you want to make sure you are radiating positivity at all times in a genuine way!  By conducting yourself in this manner, you’ll create a great reputation for yourself, which could help you score more gigs in the future.

Written by AEFM International

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