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Messano “The best Sunglasses in Australia”

Written by AEFM International

Messano “The best sunglasses in Australia”

If you follow any celebrities’, style or fitness professional, you will see that they are never without a pair of sunglasses when they are out and running errands or in between workouts. These stylish sunglasses will complete your look and will make your outfit pop and will frame and shape your face to create the perfect look and complete any outfit.

I personally love my sunglasses and follow eye wear trends but haven’t had much luck with sunglasses as they often fall apart. What I loved about the Messano range is that they are timeless sophisticated and durable. Yes, they last and do not fall apart!

The most popular of all their sunglasses and my personal favourite is the Amber / Amethyst – creating a vibrant look. Amethyst is perfect with its dazzling charm and fabulous powers to exhilarate, and calm, the mind-body & soul. It inspires the spirit of fire and excitement and imagination. I love them!

Longevity durable and they last the distance. Value for money and I highly recommend these.

Reviewing and concluding the Messano range out of 10

Visually attractive pleasurable gratifying = 10
Completes your outfit making you stand out = 9
Durability lasts the distance – has staying power = 9
Value for money = 10



Comprising of a full alloy frame, a top quality polycarbonate lens in the reflective Amethyst design, maintaining the just right protection capacity of UV400. Gold-rimmed, the colours are only the beginning for these sleek shades. The alloy top-bar is sported, cultivating the classy consistency within our collection.

Purchase these sunglasses today at

Written by Margie Cerato Insta @fitnessfashionblogger or for more information about Margie go to her Instagram page @vibesfitnessfitzroy

Written by AEFM International

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