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What should a Modelling Portfolio contain?

Written by AEFM International

What Should A Modelling Portfolio Contain?

When it comes to fitness modelling there is never going to be one exact “look” or “type” that every publication will go for. For this reason, your portfolio should effectively demonstrate your versatility as a model. By ensuring you present a range of different looks, situations, styles, even hair colouring, you will be maximising your appeal.

A definite “turn off” is a snooze-worthy portfolio that shows one dimension of modelling ability and nothing more. It is worth investing in a professional shoot that will present as many options as possible to potential publishers.

At our “Photography for Models Workshop” it’s here where we teach you how to pose and teach you how to engage with the camera where you will gain the necessary skills to obtain a perfect Look Book or Portfolio. Here we run extensive classes on camera etiquette amongst other techniques on how to “pose and be present”.

Written by AEFM International

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