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Rewards of self-reflection

Written by AEFM International

My body and mind deserve the rewards of self-reflection.

When I am rested and at peace, I can sit and enjoy the calm feelings that flood through my mind. By focusing on myself in the moment, my body and mind can enjoy the rewards of self-reflection.

I am able to think about the things I have accomplished and the things that I want to do. When I get the chance to reminisce about how fortunate I am and how fulfilling my journey has been, I feel a sense of happiness in my heart. Even with the challenges, I can truly say that my life is wonderful!

My mind is healthy. I am rejuvenated and inspired to do even more with my life and I engage my mind to remember the lessons I have learned so far. There are no regrets and I would not change a thing about my journey.

However, I continue to look for change in myself because we all need to grow and adapt. I am prepared to be in charge of how I run my life so I take the time to reflect and look for ways to improve.

I only lean on others when I must. I am self-contained and confident in the power that is within me. I find peace knowing that I am worthy of anything that happens to me. I make a point not to live in the shadows, but to live life with precise thought about where I am going and where I want to be.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can I continue to grow and adapt?
2. What actions will I take to make a positive change in my life?
3. What do I need to do to sustain me on my journey?

BLOG 26: I Motivate Myself to Exercise Regularly and Keep in Motion

I am a winner with my stress-relieving exercise plan. There are no excuses for me because I know that my routine has been helpful and needs to continue.

I have conquered and dismissed the idea that exercise is a chore. I have mastered the regimen of staying fit. Fitness is no longer a luxury for those who can afford it, but a necessity that enables me to live a long and full life.

I view the hard-breathing activity now as a part of a stress-free life, and it feels so good to use it each day to clear my mind.

I am now in charge of my physical destiny and I realise the tremendous benefit that my mind receives with each workout.

The world is not totally aware of this amazing gem, but I have made up my mind to stand out from the crowd. I choose to be strong and healthy so I may live a healthy and vibrant life.

I am on a positive path and I will persist on my life journey. I don’t seek to impress, but rather, I do this for me!

My mind is made up and I want to spread the word that exercise is the best gift you can give to yourself. I reluctantly accepted it, but I am so glad I did.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Have I made the firm commitment to exercise regularly?
2. How will I continue to be motivated?
3. How can I encourage others?

Written by AEFM International

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