2XU Compression Campaign

Renowned for producing some of the best compression wear for the world’s leading sporting organisations, global brand 2XU has recently completed an exhilarating new campaign right here in Queensland, featuring the dynamic and inspiring Bibby. This campaign, aimed at showcasing the cutting-edge design and functionality of 2XU’s latest collection, was meticulously crafted to resonate with fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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Shot within a state-of-the-art gym on the Gold Coast and atop a breathtaking rooftop, the campaign leverages these dynamic settings to highlight the versatility and durability of 2XU apparel. The indoor gym environment provided the perfect backdrop to showcase intense training sessions, while the rooftop scenes emphasised the freedom and exhilaration that come with peak physical performance. These diverse settings were chosen to complement the high-energy and innovative spirit of the brand, bringing the essence of 2XU to life vibrantly and engagingly.


For all other casting and creative directors who are looking at shooting a similar campaign, this stands as a testament to 2XU’s commitment to authenticity and excellence. Bibby, with his exceptional athletic prowess and magnetic on-screen presence, perfectly embodies the brand’s ethos. Their ability to convey both the technical aspects and the stylish appeal of 2XU gear ensures that the collection appeals not only to professional athletes but also to fitness enthusiasts seeking the best in performance wear.

The content, now featured prominently in 2XU’s in-store displays and online platforms, captures Bibby in action running, lifting Kettlebells, bodyweight training, and embracing the active lifestyle that 2XU champions. The campaign’s visual narrative emphasises the brand’s focus on enhancing athletic performance through innovative design and premium materials.

Fitness enthusiasts will find inspiration in Bibby’s journey, as portrayed in the campaign. Their dedication to fitness and the seamless integration of 2XU gear into their regimen underscore the brand’s promise of delivering superior athletic wear that supports and enhances physical performance.

Talent Selection

In essence, 2XU’s latest campaign not only highlights their cutting-edge athletic wear but also celebrates the seamless synergy between the brand and the athlete. Bibby’s participation brings an authentic and aspirational dimension, elevating this campaign to prominence in the realm of fitness and performance wear.

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It's A Wrap

As this campaign rolls out across various channels, it is set to inspire and engage a wide audience, from professional athletes to everyday fitness lovers. For casting and creative directors, the success of this campaign highlights the importance of choosing the right talent and setting to bring a brand’s vision to life.

In essence, 2XU’s latest campaign not only showcases their innovative athletic wear but also celebrates the synergy between the brand, the athlete. Bibby’s involvement adds an authentic and aspirational touch, making this campaign a standout in the world of fitness and performance wear.

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