2XU High-Performance Campaign

Global brand 2XU, known for its high-end compression training apparel, has cast Damian a high-performance athlete, personal trainer, and fitness mentor to showcase their latest collection. This campaign was staged in Melbourne’s F45 Gym, features both stunning stills and dynamic video content.

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2XU, whose cutting-edge compression wear is trusted by top-tier sporting organisations including the AFL, NFL, ARL, Major Baseball Leagues and international soccer teams, chose Damian for his exceptional athletic abilities and inspiring presence in the fitness community. His role perfectly aligns with 2XU’s commitment to enhancing athletic performance through innovative apparel.


The photoshoot took place in Melbourne, within a modern gym and an the second location in old nostalgic boxing gym, capturing Damian in a range of super high-intensity workouts. The diverse settings provided the perfect environment to highlight the versatility and durability of 2XU’s gear. Damian’s dynamic movements, including lunges, plyometrics, skipping, sled pushes, assault bike, and bodyweight training exercises, bring the essence of 2XU’s performance-enhancing apparel to life.

Damian’s campaign will be launched across all 2XU stores throughout Australia. This initiative will showcase his journey and achievements, aiming to inspire and motivate customers. The campaign will feature prominently in-store displays, promotional materials, and digital screens, highlighting key aspects of Damian’s story and his association with the 2XU brand. By leveraging Damian’s influence and aligning it with 2XU’s values, the campaign is expected to enhance brand visibility, attract new customers, and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones across the country.

Talent Selection

In essence, 2XU’s latest campaign not only spotlights their cutting-edge athletic wear but also commemorates the powerful synergy between the brand and the athlete. What sets this campaign apart for the rerun of AFM’s official website is that all the talent possesses a remarkably strong fitness background and stands at the pinnacle of their respective sports. Not only do they command great screen presence, but they also seamlessly gel and collaborate, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable production process.

Damian’s campaign is set to launch across all 2XU stores throughout Australia. This initiative will vividly showcase his journey and accomplishments, with the aim of inspiring and motivating customers. Prominently featured in-store displays, promotional materials, and digital screens will highlight key aspects of Damian’s story and his affiliation with the 2XU brand. By harnessing Damian’s influence and aligning it with 2XU’s values, the campaign is poised to elevate brand visibility, attract new customers, and foster stronger loyalty among existing ones nationwide.

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It's A Wrap

For major sporting brands and casting directors, this campaign underscores the importance of selecting talent who not only embody the brand’s values but also possess the capability to execute high-intensity movements correctly. Choosing the right talent like Damian, who has the stamina and explosive power required, ensures the authenticity and effectiveness of the campaign. His involvement brings an authentic and aspirational touch, making this campaign a standout in the realm of high-performance athletic wear.

As 2XU continues to set the benchmark for excellence in sports apparel, this campaign with Damian is sure to inspire and captivate fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes around the world.

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