ASICS Gel Kayano 30 selects Jessica for the launch of their new female running shoe

ASICS has teamed up with Australia’s leading fitness talent agency, AEFM International, to launch their latest Gel Kayano 30. With a reputation for excellence and a network of over 250 athletic models, AEFM International provided the perfect talent to showcase ASICS’ innovative running shoes.

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ASICS, a globally renowned Japanese multinational corporation, is celebrated for its high-quality sports equipment, apparel, and footwear. For the bi-annual release of the Gel Kayano 30, ASICS collaborated with the creative ad agency Jack Nimble, based in Sydney, to create a compelling campaign that highlights the performance and style of their new running shoes.


For this campaign Ascis chose Jessica, one of AEFM International’s leading fitness models. Although Jessica’s primary background is in netball, her impressive running abilities made her an ideal choice for this project. Her athleticism and versatility perfectly embodied the qualities that the Gel Kayano 30 aims to deliver strength, endurance, and style.

The Gel Kayano series is known for its advanced technology and superior comfort, catering to serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. The latest edition, the Gel Kayano 30, continues this tradition with enhanced cushioning and support, making it a top choice for runners seeking optimal performance. Jessica’s dynamic presence in the campaign highlights the shoe’s benefits, showcasing its ability to support athletes across various sports disciplines.

Talent Selection

ASICS selected Jess for this particular campaign due to her exceptional versatility and athletic prowess. Although her primary strength lies in netball, Jess is also an accomplished runner, excelling in both long and short distances. Her diverse athletic background made her an ideal fit to represent the dynamic and high-performance image of the ASICS brand.

Jess’s extensive experience with on-location campaigns and her confidence in front of the camera ensured the success of this project. Her ability to seamlessly adapt and deliver high-quality results made a significant impact. Jess’s professionalism and athletic excellence have truly brought the campaign to life, reflecting the values and energy that ASICS embodies.

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Jessica B

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Gymnasium, HIIT, Netball +6

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Its A Wrap

This campaign underscores the value that AEFM International brings to major sporting brands. By providing top-tier athletic talent, our agency ensures that brands like ASICS can authentically represent their products, appealing to a broad and discerning audience. The collaboration with Jack Nimble and ASICS is a testament to the high standards and professional expertise that AEFM International consistently delivers.

As this campaign rolls out, we anticipate a significant impact on the market, reinforcing ASICS’ position as a leader in athletic footwear. Our ongoing partnerships with major brands highlight the critical role of professional fitness talent in creating engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

If your sports brand is looking to elevate its campaigns with skilled and seasoned athletic talent, AEFM International stands ready to transform your vision into reality. Get in touch with us to discover how we can elevate your brand’s next campaign.

From the first interaction to the final product, the experience was excellent. The talent was professional, creative, and highly skilled. Highly recommend