Austrian Defence Apparel Showcases Cutting-Edge Textiles with Kirsty for the launch of their new Police and Military Uniform Range

Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) has cast Kirsty, a Sports Science Graduate and fitness enthusiast, to showcase their latest collection. Known for sourcing materials from a wide array of global manufacturers, ADA effectively mitigates supply-chain risk while accessing the highest quality and broadest range of textile innovations. This dedication is paired with a strong focus on ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that all providers adhere to strict environmental, sustainability, human rights, and safety codes.

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Over a dynamic two-day shoot in a Melbourne photography studio, Kirsty leveraged her prior experience in an e-commerce environment to bring unparalleled expertise and energy to the forefront of the campaign. Her extensive background in this field ensured that every aspect of the shoot was meticulously planned and executed, resulting in high-quality and visually captivating content. The controlled studio environment provided the perfect setting for capturing both still images and video footage with precision. The advanced lighting setups, professional-grade equipment, and versatile backdrops available in the studio allowed for a range of creative shots that highlight the innovative features of ADA’s clothing lines. This meticulous approach ensured that the final outputs were of the highest standard, ready to be showcased across multiple platforms.

This newly created material is now being utilised extensively across ADA’s in-store displays, enhancing the visual appeal and customer engagement within physical retail spaces. It also features prominently on ADA’s website and online stores, serving as a key component of the brand’s digital marketing strategy. Additionally, the content is being used in online banners and across ADA’s social media accounts, reaching a broader audience and driving brand awareness. The high-quality visuals are also being incorporated into trade stands, presenting a polished and professional image at industry events.


For global defence apparel brands, this campaign underscores the significance of merging technical prowess with ethical principles. Kirsty’s participation embodies ADA’s pledge to sustainability and innovation, infusing the campaign with authenticity and allure. It serves as evidence of the brand’s unwavering dedication to crafting top-tier, ethically sourced apparel, tailored for our national defence, police, and other Commonwealth departments. Kirsty’s role was pivotal in ensuring the success of the campaign, her ability to blend creative vision with technical expertise resulted in a collection of assets that effectively showcase ADA’s innovative clothing lines in a variety of settings and formats.

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In this campaign, Kirsty not only modeled the new uniforms but also provided valuable insights into the functional aspects of the apparel, thanks to her background in sports science. Her fitness enthusiast persona added an extra layer of credibility and relatability, making the uniforms appealing to a broader audience, including those who value performance and practicality. The shoot’s success lies in its detailed planning and execution, with Kirsty’s dynamic presence bringing the clothing to life, demonstrating its adaptability and robustness in various scenarios.

This campaign stands as a testament to ADA’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in defense apparel. By featuring Kirsty, ADA highlights the importance of choosing ambassadors who not only represent the brand well but also resonate with the values and mission of the company. The collaboration between ADA and Kirsty illustrates a perfect synergy of technical expertise, creative vision, and ethical standards, setting a new benchmark in the industry for how defense apparel can be showcased and marketed effectively.

Exceptional talent and service! We were so impressed that we will definitely rebook for our next campaign. Highly recommend to others seeking top-quality talent