Cebile's Technique Shines in SplitFast’s high accuracy wireless laser timing device

SplitFast has chosen Cebile for her exceptional technique in the 100-meter sprints. Known as one of the fastest females in Queensland, Cebile brought her expertise to a local shoot in Brisbane, where SplitFast is based.

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SplitFast has chosen Cebile, one of the fastest females in Queensland, to showcase their revolutionary product. Known for her exceptional technique in the 100-meter sprints, Cebile’s participation in a local Brisbane shoot was a natural fit. SplitFast, a high-accuracy wireless laser timing device, helps athletes by recording split times and detecting weak points in their performance. Cebile’s extensive sprinting experience made her the ideal fitness model to demonstrate the product’s capabilities, providing an authentic and compelling showcase of how SplitFast can enhance athletic performance.


As a leading fitness talent agency, we pride ourselves on attracting and engaging the right-fit talent for each campaign. Our fitness models are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are athletes who bring expertise, dedication, and a passion for fitness. Whether you’re looking for fitness model jobs in Melbourne or searching for female fitness models who can represent your brand, AEFM is your go-to agency for premier talent.

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With campaigns like these, AEFM continues to set the standard in the fitness modeling industry. Our talent doesn’t just look the part; they live it. Cebile’s work with SplitFast is a testament to our commitment to excellence, showcasing how our fitness models can help brands inspire and engage their target audiences. For casting directors, creative ad agencies, and fitness brands, partnering with AEFM ensures you have the best talent to elevate your campaigns.

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  • Brisbane
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Athletics, Boxing, Crossfit +7

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Its a Wrap

As this campaign unfolds across various platforms, it is set to inspire and engage athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Cebile’s participation not only underscores her incredible talent but also demonstrates SplitFast’s commitment to helping athletes achieve their full potential.

Amazing experience from start to finish. The talent was top-notch, delivering excellent results and being a joy to work with throughout