Elevate Your Look: ZLEEK and AEFM's Stylish Melbourne E-Commerce Fitness Campaign

The campaign was shot in a studio with controlled lighting by photographer Jazmina. Highlighting the exciting fusion of fitness and fashion, this initiative is led by ZLEEK, an avant-garde brand known for its cutting-edge designs and functional products. In collaboration with AEFM International, Australia’s leading fitness talent agency, this project heralds a new era of style and athleticism.

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AEFM International stands as the premier fitness talent agency in Australia, boasting a global network of over 250 elite athletic models. Their unparalleled expertise in identifying and securing top-tier talent has positioned them as the go-to agency for brands seeking to elevate their fitness campaigns. Renowned for their exceptional ability to select a diverse array of models, AEFM International ensures each model perfectly embodies the values and spirit of the brands they represent, including industry leaders like ZLEEK. Through their meticulous selection process, AEFM International consistently delivers models who not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients, thereby enhancing brand identity and campaign effectiveness. Their commitment to excellence and diversity solidifies their reputation as the preferred choice for fitness talent worldwide.


For this exclusive campaign, ZLEEK meticulously selected two female models, each bringing a distinct and captivating appeal to the forefront. One model hails from a weightlifting background, embodying unparalleled strength and resilience. Her powerful presence and athletic prowess underscore the dedication and hard work synonymous with the brand’s commitment to excellence. The other model exudes the sleek, stylish essence of a modern fitness enthusiast, effortlessly merging fashion with fitness. She represents the dynamic fusion of style and substance, reflecting the contemporary trend of athleisure that ZLEEK champions.

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Together, these models create a compelling narrative, showcasing the diverse facets of fitness and fashion, and embodying the brand’s mission to inspire and empower individuals through a blend of strength, elegance, and cutting-edge style. This dual representation not only highlights the versatility of ZLEEK’s offerings but also reinforces the brand’s inclusive approach to celebrating different forms of athleticism and beauty.

ZLEEK Australia is synonymous with fashion-forward designs and innovative products tailored to the modern lifestyle. From chic apparel to functional accessories, ZLEEK’s collections seamlessly blend fashion and functionality, catering to the needs of today’s discerning consumers. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, ZLEEK sets itself apart as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, earning accolades from fashion enthusiasts across Australia and beyond.

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As the boundaries between fitness and fashion increasingly blur, collaborations like the one between ZLEEK and AEFM International perfectly illustrate the seamless blend of style and athleticism. Leveraging AEFM’s unparalleled talent pool and ZLEEK’s cutting-edge designs, the stage is set for a new era of fitness-inspired fashion.

Outstanding service and talent! We were thrilled with the results and will definitely rebook for our next project. Highly recommended to others