Everlast Teams Up with Australia’s Premier Fitness Talent Agency for their Latest Boxing Equipment

Everlast has reached out with Australia’s premier fitness talent agency to create an electrifying photoshoot and video campaign in Melbourne. With over 250 athletic models across Australia, our agency was the ideal choice to showcase Everlast’s extensive product line, including boxing gloves, punching bags, protective gear, and apparel.

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Everlast’s Melbourne campaign aimed to highlight the versatility and quality of their products, which cater to boxers of all levels. The brand’s range includes professional, training, and fitness gloves, as well as specialised gloves for MMA and youth boxers. This diverse product line ensures that every boxer, from novice to professional, finds the perfect gear for their needs.


The photoshoot and video sessions were held at various iconic locations around Melbourne, capturing the essence of the city’s vibrant fitness culture. From gritty boxing gyms to urban outdoor settings, the campaign brought Everlast’s products to life in realistic and inspiring environments.

Our models demonstrated the functionality and durability of Everlast’s gear, performing intense workouts and boxing drills. This not only showcased the products’ robustness but also their ability to support high-performance training regimes.

Talent Selection

For this campaign, Everlast sought models with genuine boxing experience, capable of demonstrating advanced techniques such as throwing combinations and skipping with finesse. Our agency provided a selection of athletes who had honed their skills both in the gym and in competitive environments, ensuring authenticity in every shot.

One of the standout talents in the campaign was Nic. Although he did not have a professional fighting background, Nic’s agility and convincing boxing ability shone through, showcasing Everlast’s gear in action. His performance exemplified the brand’s commitment to quality and performance, highlighting how their products support athletes at all levels.

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Its a Wrap

Everlast’s choice to work with our agency underscores their dedication to excellence and authenticity. By selecting talent with real boxing experience, they ensured that the campaign resonated with both amateur and professional boxers. The resulting visuals are a testament to Everlast’s reputation for producing top-quality boxing gear designed to enhance performance and safety.

As the campaign rolls out, it promises to make a significant impact on the Australian boxing community. Everlast’s collaboration with our fitness talent agency has set a new standard for sportswear campaigns, combining professional expertise with a deep understanding of the sport.

We are proud to have contributed to this successful partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration with Everlast, helping them to showcase their innovative products and support the growth of boxing in Australia.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of this exciting campaign, as we continue to celebrate the synergy between top-tier athletic talent and premium sports gear.

The talent provided was exceptional. They delivered high-quality work and were incredibly professional throughout. We couldn’t be happier