Fox A-League Pre-Soccer Season Launch

From Brisbane to Melbourne, our very own Bobby embarked on an exhilarating journey for Fox and Leagues’ premier TV commercial, marking the grand kickoff for the 2016 soccer season. Set in the heart of Melbourne, amidst the urban buzz of an underground car park, the stage was set for an unforgettable TV spectacle. With a bustling crew and a vibrant cast, the atmosphere was electric as Bobby stepped into the spotlight.

About This


Bobby’s selection for this pivotal role was a no-brainer, owing to his impressive background in sports, particularly his soccer prowess. Hailing from Brisbane, he brought with him a blend of athleticism and dedication that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the campaign.

The synergy between Bobby’s talent and the vision of the campaign directors brought forth a spectacle that promises to captivate audiences nationwide. As the excitement builds for the soccer season ahead, Bobby’s presence adds an extra layer of anticipation and enthusiasm.


With every kick, every goal, and every breathtaking moment captured on screen, Bobby embodies the spirit of the game and the essence of Fox and Leagues’ premier TV commercial. As the countdown to kickoff begins, brace yourselves for an epic journey into the heart of soccer fandom, led by none other than our very own Bobby.

Talent Selection

Bobby was the perfect candidate for this particular job. With a semi-professional background in soccer, his self-tapes showcased his athleticism and dedication, securing him the role effortlessly. Beyond his impressive soccer skills, Bobby is also a certified personal trainer with a background in sports science, making him a versatile and knowledgeable addition to our campaign.

In addition to his athletic and training credentials, Bobby has also made a name for himself on television, appearing in the TV series “Ninja.” His diverse experience and charismatic presence made him an outstanding fit for the project, bringing both expertise and a touch of star quality to the brand. We’re thrilled with the impact Bobby has had and look forward to his future contributions.


Bobby T

  • Brisbane
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Athletics, Basketball, Gymnasium +6

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Its A Wrap

Through the lens of AEFM International, Bobby’s journey from Brisbane to Melbourne is not just a geographical shift but a testament to the power of talent and passion in shaping unforgettable moments. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to witness Bobby’s meteoric rise to soccer stardom, as Fox and Leagues’ premier TV commercial takes center stage in the 2016 season launch.

We had an excellent experience with the talent provided. Their work was top-notch, and we look forward to rebooking them for our next campaign. Highly recommend

John Doe

Casting Director