From Track to Training: Cebile Demonstrates SplitFast's Cutting-Edge Technology

SplitFast recently executed a high-energy photoshoot and video campaign to highlight their cutting-edge, high-accuracy wireless laser timing device. The campaign prominently featured elite sprinter Cebile, chosen for her exceptional athletic prowess, to vividly illustrate the device’s superior performance. The shoot was meticulously planned and carried out in two segments. The first segment focused on capturing Cebile’s explosive starts and precise sprints, demonstrating the device’s ability to accurately measure split-second timings. The second segment showcased a series of dynamic, real-time demonstrations, emphasising the device’s reliability and precision in various athletic scenarios. Through this comprehensive approach, SplitFast effectively showcased the advanced features and unparalleled accuracy of its latest innovation.

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The first part of the shoot took place outdoors at a running track on the Gold Coast, an ideal setting to capture Cebile in her element as she sprinted with precision and speed. The lush, sunlit backdrop of the Gold Coast track provided a visually striking contrast to Cebile’s powerful, swift movements, perfectly encapsulating the essence of athletic excellence. This setting was instrumental in highlighting the real-time split timing and performance analysis capabilities of the SplitFast device, demonstrating how it operates seamlessly in a high-intensity, competitive environment. Every frame captured Cebile’s explosive energy and the pinpoint accuracy of the device, reinforcing its value for athletes and coaches striving for peak performance.


The second part of the shoot transitioned to a controlled indoor environment, where the focus shifted to the technical aspects and versatility of the SplitFast device. Here, Cebile engaged in various sprint drills and training routines, showcasing the device’s adaptability to different conditions and its comprehensive data tracking features. The indoor setting allowed for close-up shots and detailed visualizations of the device in action, further emphasizing its precision and reliability. This dual approach not only demonstrated the robustness of the SplitFast device but also illustrated its essential role in enhancing athletic training and performance analysis across diverse settings.

Talent Selection

Cebile was a perfect match for this advanced sprinting technology. Her explosive start out of the blocks and her powerful drive through the first 20 meters are a testament to her exceptional sprinting technique. The precision and efficiency with which she accelerates not only highlight her natural talent but also demonstrate how effectively she harnesses the technology to optimize her performance. Each stride is executed with perfect form, maximizing speed and minimizing wasted energy, making her a prime example of an athlete who seamlessly integrates cutting-edge advancements with athletic skill. Her performance not only emphasizes her own sprinting prowess but also showcases the potential of the technology to enhance athletic capabilities

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AEFM International provided a turnkey solution for this campaign, handling all aspects from sourcing the fitness model and professional videographer to organising voice-over, locations, and the retouching and editing of all content. Their expertise ensured a seamless and high-quality production that effectively communicated the advantages of SplitFast’s technology.

Thank you for providing such amazing talent. They were professional, creative, and instrumental in making our project a success. We’ll definitely return for future needs