From Yoga Mats to Home Gym EQUIPMENT, AEFMs Female fitness Guru “Jenny” Showcases Celsius' Premier Fitness Range

In an exciting new campaign, Celsius has chosen Jenny to showcase their extensive range of high-end fitness accessories. Known for her exceptional flexibility and aesthetics, Jenny was captured by the talented Ian Carson in a Sydney studio. This shoot perfectly highlights the quality and versatility of Celsius products available at Rebel Sports, featuring yoga mats, dura-bands, Swiss balls, and more.

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Celsius is dedicated to celebrating the excitement, vigour, and determination of those who believe in achieving their fitness goals. Jenny’s dynamic poses and inspiring presence brought this ethos to life, demonstrating the effectiveness of Celsius’ fitness accessories. Her participation underscores the importance of fitness models embodying the brand’s spirit and showcasing the practical benefits of top-tier products.


Celsius’ products are designed to help you exercise at your own pace in the comfort of your home, making it easier than ever to stay on track with your fitness journey. Jenny demonstrated this beautifully, showing how each product can be integrated into daily routines to maximise effectiveness and comfort.

Talent Selection

Jenny’s participation in the campaign is a testament to the importance of fitness models embodying the brand’s spirit and showcasing the practical benefits of top-tier fitness accessories. The studio setting provided a controlled environment to emphasise the quality and versatility of Celsius’ diverse product range. From weights and home gyms to recovery tools and gym towels, every item was presented with meticulous attention to detail, highlighting their role in enhancing a home workout experience.

As this campaign rolls out, it is set to inspire and engage fitness enthusiasts everywhere. By showcasing the range and utility of Celsius products, it emphasises the brand’s commitment to supporting every step towards achieving personal fitness goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Celsius offers the tools you need to pursue your fitness journey with confidence and style.


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Jennifer J

  • Sydney
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Gymnasium, HIIT, Martial arts +5

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