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GravityFit, known for its cutting-edge fitness equipment, recently exhibited their latest invention, The GravityFit suit. As Australia’s largest agency for fitness campaigns, AEFM was the natural choice for this ambitious project. The challenge was set: find the perfect talent to represent GravityFit’s new product at an exhibition in Brisbane within 24 hours. The chosen model, Bobby, proved to be an excellent fit for the role.

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Bobby, with his extensive background in personal training and sports science, brought both expertise and authenticity to the assignment. His natural charisma and ability to engage with exhibitors were key in providing valuable feedback on the suit’s fit and comfort. This was especially important as the product was being exhibited to prestigious organisations such as the NRL and AFL and other leading sporting leagues. His feedback and interaction with these top-tier sports organisations helped to highlight the practical benefits and comfort of the GravityFit suit, making it more relatable and appealing to potential users.


The GravityFit TPro, a cornerstone of the campaign, is designed to help users maintain correct posture, build strength, and improve movement patterns essential for various sports. The TPro comes equipped with three different resistance bands—yellow, red, and green—each tailored to different levels of strength and skill development. This device, supported by over 30 years of research led by Dr. Carolyn Richardson, a pioneer in core stability research, helps users develop and maintain proper posture, create and sustain swing width, and improve arm-body connection.

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Bobby’s role in the campaign extended beyond just modelling; his interactions with the suit and the feedback he provided were crucial in showcasing its real-world applications. The suit’s innovative design and functionality were brought to life through Bobby’s demonstrations, proving its efficacy and comfort to potential buyers and sporting organisations.

This campaign not only highlighted the technical prowess of GravityFit’s products but also underscored the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the fitness industry. By choosing AEFM and featuring Bobby, GravityFit successfully created a powerful and engaging narrative that resonates with fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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In summary, the GravityFit campaign in Melbourne was a resounding success, showcasing the brand’s latest innovations in a dynamic and engaging way. Bobby’s involvement added a layer of authenticity and expertise, making the campaign both relatable and inspiring for its target audience. With the new suit and TPro, GravityFit continues to lead the way in fitness technology, helping users achieve their best performance with style and confidence.

We couldn’t be happier with the talent we received. Professional, creative, and a joy to work with. We’ll definitely be back for future projects