Montanna Stars in Lululemon’s Global Campaign: A New Era of Fitness Excellence

Lululemon’s latest campaign, FURTHER, features Montanna, a leading fitness athlete from Melbourne, prominently showcasing her athletic prowess and modelling skills. Represented by the top Fitness Talent Agency in Australia, AEFM International, Mon was a standout choice for this global campaign. With years of experience as a top model, she brought her unique energy and expertise to shoots both overseas and in Australia.

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Lululemon’s latest initiative, FURTHER, is an ambitious and groundbreaking project focused on female endurance athletes. The core of this initiative is a six-day ultramarathon held at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, California, starting on March 6, 2024. This event, which runs through March 12, 2024, features ten elite female athletes from Lululemon’s Global Ambassador Collective. The athletes aim to set new distance and time-based world records while providing valuable data on female performance metrics.

FURTHER is designed to highlight how far women can push their physical limits when given the right support and resources. The participants include well-known athletes like Camille Herron, who is attempting to break the men’s six-day world record, and other top runners such as Stefanie Flippin, Kayla Jeter, and Mirna Valerio. Each athlete has personal goals for the event, and the diversity of their backgrounds and objectives adds to the initiative’s richness.

This initiative not only promotes athletic excellence but also showcases Lululemon’s latest innovations in apparel and footwear designed specifically for female athletes. The event started just before International Women’s Day, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to female empowerment and high-performance athletic wear


Mon’s involvement in the FURTHER campaign exemplifies the blend of practical performance and aesthetic appeal that Lululemon strives for. Her athletic build and engaging presence make her an ideal ambassador for the brand. As a versatile and dedicated athlete, Mon personifies the dynamic spirit and high standards that Lululemon embodies in all its products.

Talent Selection

For fitness models, casting directors, and marketing managers, this campaign underscores the importance of selecting athletic talent that aligns with the brand’s image and resonates with its audience. Mon’s repeated collaborations with Lululemon highlight the impact of a well-matched model in reinforcing brand identity and engaging the target market. Working with AEFM International ensures access to top-tier talent that can elevate any campaign.

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  • Melbourne
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Athletics, Basketball, Boxing +7

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Its a Wrap

As this campaign rolls out, it promises to inspire and engage fitness enthusiasts globally, showcasing why Lululemon remains a leader in the athletic apparel industry. With a focus on pushing boundaries and achieving new heights, Lululemon continues to innovate, ensuring their products meet the demands of top athletes like Mon and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Absolutely fantastic service! The talent we hired exceeded all expectations and brought our project to life with their incredible skills. Highly recommend.

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