Samantha Scores Big with Pure Blonde Carb Free Cider

Samantha, a powerhouse professional soccer player hailing from America and proudly represented by AEM International here in Australia, has been making waves both on and off the field. Recently, she showcased her incredible athleticism and charismatic presence in a high-profile campaign for Pure Blonde Carb Free Cider by Carlton & United Breweries.

About This


Handpicked for her dynamic blend of athleticism and multicultural background, Samantha brought an infectious energy to the project. Her involvement in the campaign was not just about modeling but embodying the very essence of what Pure Blonde stands for—health, vitality, and a balanced lifestyle. As a professional athlete, Samantha exemplifies these values through her dedication to fitness, her disciplined lifestyle, and her commitment to excellence both in her sport and in her personal life.


In the campaign, Samantha’s powerful presence and engaging personality shone through. Each shot captured her in moments of dynamic movement and serene relaxation, perfectly reflecting the duality of athletic prowess and the enjoyment of a healthy, active lifestyle. Her ability to convey the brand’s message of a refreshing, carb-free indulgence resonated deeply with the audience, making the campaign a standout success.

Talent Selection

Samantha’s multicultural background also played a significant role in her selection for this campaign. Her diverse heritage brings a rich and relatable element to the Pure Blonde brand, appealing to a broad audience that values inclusivity and representation. This alignment between her personal brand and the values of Pure Blonde created a natural synergy that elevated the campaign’s impact.

Samantha professional soccer player about to control the ball during a game


  • Melbourne
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Soccer Football, Volleyball,

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Its a Wrap

Working with Samantha on this project has been a testament to AEM International’s commitment to matching top-tier talent with brands that share similar values. Her professionalism, energy, and authenticity made her the perfect ambassador for Pure Blonde Carb Free Cider. This collaboration not only highlights Samantha’s versatility as a model and athlete but also underscores the strength of our talent management in fostering successful and meaningful partnerships.

At AEM International, we are incredibly proud to represent Samantha and support her in ventures that showcase her multifaceted talents. Her journey from professional soccer fields in America to becoming a prominent figure in Australian advertising campaigns is an inspiring example of the opportunities we strive to create for our talent. Samantha continues to set the bar high, proving that with the right blend of skill, passion, and support, our talents can achieve remarkable success and make a significant impact across industries.

Exceptional talent and service! They brought creativity and professionalism to our project, making it a huge success. We’ll definitely hire again