Shelby Energises 2XU In-Store Promotions Nationwide!

Shelby, a Queensland-based personal trainer with a passion for fitness and a flair for inspiring others, has been selected by 2XU to spearhead their in-store promotions across all outlets nationwide. With her extensive experience and dedication to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, Shelby embodies the core values of 2XU, a brand synonymous with excellence in performance and style. Her selection by 2XU highlights not only her exceptional talent but also her ability to connect with people on a personal level, making her the perfect ambassador for the brand’s in-store campaigns. As a leading figure in the fitness community in Queensland, Shelby’s influence extends far beyond the gym, making her an ideal representative for 2XU as they seek to inspire and empower individuals across the country to pursue their fitness aspirations.

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Discovering Shelby’s impressive profile, 2XU recognised her as the ideal candidate to represent their brand in-store promotions. Her Queensland roots bring a vibrant energy and authenticity to the nationwide campaign, resonating with fitness enthusiasts across the country. As a personal trainer, Shelby understands the importance of quality activewear in optimising performance and recovery, making her endorsement of 2XU all the more impactful.


2XU stands at the forefront of Australian sportswear, offering high-performance gear, compression garments, and accessories tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2005, 2XU has garnered global acclaim for its innovative designs and cutting-edge fabric technology. Their compression garments are particularly revered for their ability to improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and enhance recovery, essential elements for athletes striving for peak performance.

Talent Selection

At the Premier Fitness Model Management, we are thrilled to represent Shelby, a remarkable talent whose influence goes far beyond endorsements. Shelby connects with her audience through genuine enthusiasm and authenticity, sharing her fitness journey and inspiring others to start their own. Her deep passion for health and fitness resonates with a wide range of people, from seasoned athletes to newcomers looking for motivation. This extensive impact is why brands continually choose her for their campaigns, confident that she can effectively convey their message and inspire action.

For fitness brands, casting directors, and creative ad agencies aiming to attract and engage the right talent, Shelby is the ideal fitness model. Her ability to personally connect with audiences makes her an invaluable asset for any campaign. At our leading fitness agency in Melbourne, we specialise in identifying and managing top-tier fitness talent like Shelby. Whether you need female fitness models or are searching for fitness model jobs in Melbourne, our fitness talent agency is dedicated to delivering the best. Trust Premier Fitness Model Management to provide the expertise and talent necessary to elevate your brand and engage your target audience.

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  • Brisbane
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Boxing, Crossfit, Dance +5

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It's A Wrap

In addition to compression wear, 2XU boasts an extensive range of activewear and accessories designed to meet the demands of rigorous training and competition. From running and cycling to swimming and triathlon, 2XU’s products are engineered to provide optimal support, comfort, and durability. With endorsements from elite athletes and teams worldwide, 2XU has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the sportswear industry, empowering athletes like Shelby to train harder, perform better, and recover faster.

A big thank you to your team for providing such talented individuals. They were instrumental in the success of our event, and we couldn’t be happier