From Training to Triumph: Shelby Stars in 2XU, Shields, and FITAZ Campaigns

The latest photoshoot and video campaign features Shelby, an exceptional fitness model from Northern Queensland. With numerous high-end campaigns under her belt through AEFM International as a freelance model, Shelby has built an impressive career. Her dedication to fitness is unmatched; she spends countless hours each week running and engaging in rigorous strength and conditioning sessions. This unwavering commitment to her fitness and athleticism makes Shelby the perfect choice for showcasing the innovative gear of 2XU, Shields, and FITAZ. Her involvement highlights her exceptional skills and year-round availability, aligning seamlessly with the brands’ consumer profiles.

About This


2XU, Shields, and FITAZ are at the forefront of creating revolutionary sports gear that pushes the boundaries of technology and performance. By collaborating with elite athletes like Shelby, these brands harness a wealth of sports knowledge and expertise to continuously evolve the design and functionality of their products. Shelby’s role in these campaigns highlights the brands’ energetic and innovative approaches, making them the preferred choice for Olympic and world champions globally.


Shelby’s participation in these campaigns showcases both the practical and aesthetic qualities of 2XU’s, Shields’, and FITAZ’s gear. Her athletic physique and relatable appeal make her an ideal representative for these brands, effectively communicating their commitment to performance and style. As a versatile and dedicated athlete, Shelby embodies the dynamic spirit and high standards that these brands uphold in all their products.

Talent Selection

For fitness models, casting directors, and marketing managers, these campaigns demonstrate the crucial role of selecting athletic talent that not only fits the brand’s image but also resonates with its consumer base. Shelby’s repeated selection for campaigns with 2XU, Shields, and FITAZ underscores the significant impact of a well-matched model in reinforcing brand identity and connecting with the target audience. Her athletic prowess and dedication make her an invaluable asset in delivering authentic and compelling campaigns.

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  • Brisbane
  • Female


Boxing, Crossfit, Dance +5

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Its a Wrap

As these campaigns launch, they promise to inspire and engage athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, showcasing why 2XU, Shields, and FITAZ remain leaders in the sports gear industry. With a focus on innovation and excellence, these brands continue to push the envelope, ensuring their gear meets the demands of the world’s top athletes and fitness talents like Shelby.

Absolutely fantastic service! The talent we hired exceeded all expectations and brought our project to life with their incredible skills. Highly recommend.”

This reworked and expanded version emphasizes Shelby’s unique attributes and her contributions to the campaigns for 2XU, Shields, and FITAZ, making her an exemplary figure in the fitness modeling industry.