Sydney’s Athletic Prodigy Mark Shines in Rebel Sports, Champs, and S Training Campaigns

Rebel Sports’ latest photoshoot and video campaign features Mark, a talented mixed-race athlete from Sydney whose exceptional skills and year-round availability perfectly align with their consumer profile. Having starred in numerous campaigns, including Rebel Sports, McDs, Champs, and SBell, Mark has become a key figure in showcasing their innovative sports gear.

About This


Rebel Sports, McDs, Champs, and S Training are renowned for creating cutting-edge sports gear that pushes technological boundaries and propels the industry forward. By collaborating with world-class athletes like Mark, they capture generations of sports knowledge, continually advancing the design and functionality of their products. Their energetic and innovative approach makes them the choice of Olympic and world champions around the globe.


Mark’s involvement in the campaigns highlights the practical and aesthetic qualities of Rebel Sports’, Champs’, and S Training’s gear. His athletic build and relatable look make him an ideal representative of these brands, effectively conveying their commitment to performance and style. As a versatile and talented athlete, Mark embodies the dynamic spirit and high standards that Rebel Sports, Champs, and S Training uphold in all their products.

Talent Selection

For other fitness models, casting directors, and marketing managers, these campaigns illustrate the importance of selecting athletic talent that not only fits the brand’s image but also resonates with its consumer base. Mark’s repeated selection for Rebel Sports’, Champs’, and S Training’s campaigns underscores the impact of a well-matched model in reinforcing brand identity and connecting with the target audience.

Mark Sydneys fitness male mixed race model holding a medicine ball

Mark I

  • Sydney
  • Male


Basketball, Gymnasium, Rugby (Leaugue) +4

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Its a Wrap

As the campaigns roll out, they are set to inspire and engage athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, demonstrating why Rebel Sports, Champs, and S Training remain at the forefront of the sports gear industry. With a focus on making history now, these brands continue to lead with innovation, ensuring their gear meets the demands of the world’s top athletes and talents.

Absolutely fantastic service! The talent we hired exceeded all expectations and brought our project to life with their incredible skills. Highly recommend