The Perfect Fit for New Campaign with FLOW Athletic

FLOW sought a male model over 180 cm tall, who could confidently navigate an e-commerce environment, embodying both the physical presence and professional poise required for a successful campaign. Nic’s extensive experience and natural charisma made him the ideal choice to represent an innovative and vibrant spirit.

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Nic’s selection underscores our commitment to providing top-tier talent who not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. His ability to seamlessly integrate into the e-commerce setting and bring the brand’s vision to life is a testament to his versatility and professionalism.


At AEFM International, we’re excited to announce Nic as the featured talent for the latest FLOW campaign. Selected for his athletic structure and exceptional ability to take direction, Nic exemplifies the high standards we uphold at our Premier fitness model management agency. His impressive background in soccer and strength training perfectly embodies the dynamic and energetic spirit that FLOW represents. As a leading fitness agency, we take pride in highlighting athletes who showcase dedication and versatility, and Nic truly stands out in this regard.

Talent Selection

Nic’s selection for this campaign underscores our commitment to promoting top-tier talent. At AEFM International, we specialise in representing fitness models who not only possess the physical prowess required in the industry but also demonstrate professionalism and adaptability. Nic’s remarkable blend of athleticism and his ability to seamlessly align with the campaign’s vision reinforces why we are a leading fitness model agency. We are proud to support Nic as he brings his unique skills and enthusiasm to the forefront, solidifying his place as a premier talent in the fitness modeling world.

Nicholas jumping with with barbell


  • Melbourne
  • Male


Athletics, Futsal, Gymnasium +6

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Its a Wrap

We are confident that Nic’s participation in this campaign will captivate audiences and elevate FLOW’s presence in the market. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring you the finest in fitness modeling talent, right here at AEFM International.

The talent provided was fantastic. Their skills and professionalism were evident, and we will certainly rebook for our next campaign. Highly recommend