Ossie’s Impressive Stunts Highlight DOYOUEVEN’s Versatile Activewear

In an exciting new photoshoot and video campaign set in the Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, DO YOU EVEN (DYE) teamed up with AEFM International, a global fitness talent agency known for its extensive network of over 250 athletic models worldwide. This assignment underscores the synergy between cutting-edge fitness fashion and exceptional athletic talent.

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For this campaign, DYE selected Ossie, a model with a strong sporting background. Ossie’s ability to perform impressive athletic feats, such as backflips and standing fulls, made him the perfect choice to demonstrate the dynamic and versatile nature of DYE’s apparel. His performance added an authentic touch to the campaign, showcasing the functionality and durability of the products.


DYE’s product range includes a variety of workout essentials such as leggings, shorts, tanks, sports bras, and accessories like gym towels, skipping ropes, and resistance bands. Designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and durability, DYE’s apparel caters to various fitness activities, from high-intensity workouts to yoga and casual athleisure wear. This campaign effectively highlighted these features, demonstrating how the gear supports an active lifestyle.

Talent Selection

As a premier fitness talent agency, AEFM International prides itself on connecting top athletic talent with major sporting brands. Our models are selected not just for their physical attributes, but also for their ability to authentically represent the brands they work with. Ossie’s performance in this campaign is a testament to the high caliber of talent available through AEFM International.

Ossie leaping high in a red doyoueven tracksuit


  • Melbourne
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Athletics, Balance Work, Basketball +7

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Its a wrap

This campaign exemplifies the value that AEFM International brings to major sporting brands. By providing talent who can authentically showcase product features and engage with the target audience, we help brands like DOYOUEVEN create impactful and memorable marketing campaigns. For other sporting brands looking to elevate their campaigns with top-tier fitness talent, AEFM International offers unparalleled expertise and a diverse roster of athletes.

For more information on how our talent can enhance your next campaign, please contact us directly.

Our project was a huge success thanks to the incredible talent. We are eager to rebook them for our next campaign. Highly recommend their services