Unleashing Strength: Meet Liv, the Dynamic Face of No Timid Souls' Revolutionary Activewear

At AEFM International, we are excited to announce Liv as the featured talent for the latest No Timid Souls campaign. Liv was selected for this prestigious role due to her exceptional athletic structure and her remarkable ability to take direction. Her background in strength training showcases a unique blend of athleticism and dedication, making her an ideal representative for No Timid Souls. As a leading fitness agency, we pride ourselves on identifying and promoting top-tier fitness models who embody the dynamic spirit of the brands they represent.

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No Timid Souls, co-founded by former Adidas Australia colleagues Kevin Roberts and Tim Jackson, has gained recognition for its commitment to innovative fabric technology and sustainability. This pioneering activewear brand integrates cutting-edge sports science and materials science to create products that perform exceptionally well while also contributing to environmental sustainability. Their Glide360 line, for example, incorporates anti-microbial silver technology to combat odour, allowing garments to stay fresh even after multiple uses without washing. This level of innovation and commitment to quality is what makes No Timid Souls stand out in the activewear market.


Liv’s role in this campaign is not just about showcasing the products; it’s about embodying the ethos of No Timid Souls. Her dedication to fitness and her ability to bring energy and authenticity to the shoot highlight why she was the perfect choice for this project. At AEFM International, our premier fitness model management ensures that we provide clients with talent who not only meet their physical criteria but also resonate with their brand values and vision. Liv’s involvement in this campaign underscores our agency’s commitment to aligning with brands that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the fitness industry.

Talent Selection

After an extensive vetting, we’re proud to introduce Liv, our latest addition to the Premier Fitness Model Management family. Liv embodies the epitome of health and wellness with a captivating blend of fitness prowess, athleticism, and a robust social media following. Her dedication to maintaining peak physical condition shines through in every aspect of her life, making her a standout choice for the NTS campaign.

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  • Melbourne
  • Female


Athletics, Boxing, Gymnasium +4

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Its a Wrap

As a leading fitness model agency, AEFM International continues to support and promote models who are visually impressive and passionate about their craft. Liv’s participation in the No Timid Souls campaign is a testament to the quality and caliber of talent we represent. We are proud to be part of this project and look forward to many more successful ventures that highlight our exceptional fitness models’ strength, versatility, and dedication.

The talent we hired was simply amazing. Their professionalism and creativity were unparalleled. We will definitely rebook for our future campaigns. Highly recommended