Montanna's Athleticism and Camera Savvy Highlighted in PMRG's Fitness Community UGC Campaign

In a brand new start up business, Montanna was selected as the leading female face for PMRG, thanks to her impressive sporting background and experience in front of the camera. The two-day shoot, conducted in Melbourne, captured both stills and video, showcasing Montanna’s prowess in functional training and long-distance running.



PMRG offers fitness influencers the opportunity to connect with brands they love and engage in projects they are passionate about. Montanna’s athleticism and camera presence brought the brand’s vision to life, highlighting the dynamic and multifaceted nature of modern fitness.


For other fitness models, this campaign highlights the value of combining unique athletic skills with on-camera experience to create compelling and engaging content. Montanna’s role in this shoot exemplifies how a diverse sports background, coupled with her readiness, fitness, and willingness to embrace new challenges, can effectively convey a fitness brand’s message. Her ability to stay camera-ready and adapt to new opportunities showcases the synergy between athleticism and visual storytelling.

Talent Selection

Mons comes with an impressive fitness background that includes running, strength, and conditioning. As a highly regarded fitness coach here in Melbourne, Mons has built a reputation for excellence and dedication in the fitness community.

With a substantial following across all social media platforms, Mons was the ideal candidate to lead our campaign. His ability to engage and inspire his audience made him a standout choice, not just for executing this campaign, but also as a fantastic ambassador for the brand.

Mons’ expertise and influence ensured that the campaign was a resounding success. His role as a coach and his genuine connection with his followers made him the perfect fit to represent and elevate the brand’s message. We’re proud to have worked with Mons and look forward to future opportunities together.

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  • Melbourne
  • Female


Athletics, Basketball, Boxing +7

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Its a wrap

As the campaign launches across multiple platforms, it is set to resonate with fitness enthusiasts and influencers alike, showing how PMRG enables meaningful connections between athletes and brands. Montanna’s involvement underscores the power of passion and athleticism in driving successful fitness campaigns.

The talent we hired was outstanding! Their work surpassed our expectations, and we will definitely rebook them for our next campaign. Highly recommend