Fitness Testimonials

Read what our clients and talent have to say about AEFM and the service we have provided over the last 8-years.

The photoshoot was fun and entertaining, and it was something outside the ordinary for me. It was fun to try out new poses and actions and I enjoyed myself in pushing my boundaries, and I could see the photos in real time. Jacob was easy to work with and nice to talk to, he guided me with creativity and patience.


Great work from both of you and appreciate the time and efforts to edit the final shots!


Great photo shoot, Jacob was very helpful and direct at what he wanted me to do. It was fun and I enjoyed it.


I was nervous in the lead-up to my first portfolio. Although I have done a lot of photoshoots, the photographer was clear with his direction, and the movements we were able to execute looked amazing on camera! I walked away from the shoot feeling really inspired and looking forward to what is to come working with AEFM!


Today’s photoshoot was a lot of fun and a great experience. I’m grateful to have had Jacob take amazing photos and he made me feel comfortable. I’m happy to have fulfilled something I’ve wanted to do for a while and look forward to many more


Working with Jacob was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism and direction made the photoshoot fun and enjoyable. The way he captured every moment was truly awesome, the quality of the photos is amazing, and I can’t wait to see the final images.


I had a great time with Jacob, he spent time articulating and demonstrating how best to perform the pose/move. I highly recommend anyone that is getting into the fitness modeling industry to shoot with him.


The photoshoot was so fun! There was definitely more dynamic shots than I expected and that was initially challenging but Jacob was very clear and easy to work with and I felt confident in everything that I was doing.

Michelle B

I had a great time at my photo shoot, my photographer was lovely and extremely enthusiastic for the entirety of the day. He made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot and provided feedback both during and after the day. Being in-front of a camera was new to me but once I got more comfortable with the poses and actions I had a great time and really enjoyed myself.

Amalia P

The photo shoot went perfectly well. Jacob’s professionalism comes through behind the camera, and I’m looking forward to repeating the experience with different poses and outfits.


I was nervous in the lead up to my portfolio shoot with JT, I have done a lot of photoshoots but I had never done a movement based shoot before. JT was clear with his direction and the movements we were able to execute looked amazing on camera! I walked away from the shoot feeling really inspired and looking forward for what is to come working with AEFM!

Caitlyn M

Jacob was great to work with. Punctual, professional and gave clear instructions. He made me feel comfortable the entire time.


From a photographer’s perspective, working with you as a fitness model is a breeze! You’re not only fit and attentive to detail, but also hardworking and a quick learner. Your dedication and professionalism make our collaboration smooth and enjoyable. Your ability to take direction and adapt quickly to different poses or concepts is truly impressive. It’s a pleasure to work with someone as talented and committed as you.


One of the most enjoyable photoshoots I’ve done. Many different action shots and movements give me a really good workout at the same time! A professional photographer with a huge love for what he does and having different ideas for photos made it a breeze to get through.


I was really happy with how the photoshoot went this morning. We got to do a variety of poses in various outfits. We showcased my flexibility and my dancing lines as well.

Sonja K

The photoshoot went well this morning. Jacob is lovely and was very helpful to direct poses as it was something totally different from what I’m used to do. Looking forward to see the photos !


The photoshoot was incredibly enjoyable, providing a fantastic experience overall. However, I was surprised that the photographer didn’t stick strictly to the poses I had practiced. While this added spontaneity, some clarity beforehand would have been appreciated. Additionally, knowing in advance when the Polaroid shots would be taken would have allowed me to ensure my outfit choice aligned with my vision. Despite these minor points, the session was undeniably fun and produced great results. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and refine the process further for an even more seamless experience.


The photo shoot was enjoyable, but considering the rain, an alternate spot would have been more ideal as the alternate locations were not as suitable. We were also told we couldn’t shoot in certain locations.


Jacob was awesome Day went smoothly

Joanne L

Jacob was amazing during the photoshoot. He was patient, made me feel at ease and it was a great experience!


Loved the shoot. Jason had the best movements for to help bring out the best shape and movements for my body. Best photoshoot yet!


The photoshoot was incredibly enjoyable, providing a fantastic experience overall. However, I was surprised that the photographer didn’t stick strictly to the poses I had practiced. While this added spontaneity, some clarity beforehand would have been appreciated. Additionally, knowing in advance when the Polaroid shots would be taken would have allowed me to ensure my outfit choice aligned with my vision. Despite these minor points, the session was undeniably fun and produced great results. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and refine the process further for an even more seamless experience.

Luciana G

Jared made me feel really comfortable and confident. I had so much fun and felt like it pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way. Grateful for the experience.


My photoshoot for my portfolio went very well, I enjoyed it even if I found it a little awkward at times especially with some people walking by and looking/watching. Although I was probably only feeling this as it was my first time. Throughout the photo shoot I remained professional and would ask questions about my posing/actions so that it could all be choreographed.


By far the best photo shoot experience I’ve had. Jacob was a fantastic photographer, he made me feel at ease, provided great direction, and made the shoot a lot of fun.


Overall I enjoyed the photoshoot itself and I like the photographer Jacob himself, for my first time having a photo shoot I couldn’t have imagined it going any better as I didn’t know what to expect at first, but as the photo school went on and i woke up more as it went on the photos tended to come out better and better and the experience became more enjoyable.


Layla was nervously excited for her photoshoot, but quickly relaxed into it and fell in love with it. She takes cues competently, and while she found the shoot physically demanding, reported that she could have kept going as it was so much fun.

Layla T

I’m very happy with the amazing photography and photos Jarred Taylor has worked on. He highlights my sporting abilities and my joy for movement in all things sport very well. He was very approachable and got the best shots I could have hoped for. We worked tirelessly and flexibly together on a 35 degree day, and spent nearly 4 hours taking these shots. I play sports in all weathers for at least 2 hours daily, and I ride my bike to school every day. The thrill I get from playing sport empowers me to do my work a lot more efficiently at school and at home. I look forward to seeing where my modeling career takes me.


I had a wonderful and exciting time on my recent photo shoot. Jacob was a clever and dedicated professional and I hope to work with him again someday!

Chris B

Jacob Gawel’s photography expertise made my shoot incredible. His guidance and creativity resulted in stunning photos. A truly exceptional photographer!


The photoshoot was very professional. Jared made sure I was comfortable, helped and guided me through the whole photoshoot, as I don’t have much experience in front of the camera. He made the whole experience very enjoyable and smooth. I can’t think of anything negative, everything was pretty good.


Was good ambiance. Good guidance. Easy going. Comfortable. Quite early but it’s alright. Challenge of a different context would be interesting but whereas it’s been great.


Working with Jacob was super and easy and smooth. He took care of everything and made sure to get it all done!


I really loved doing the shoot. This was a completely new experience for me but Jared made it feel very natural and kept bringing it back to my sporting experience where I felt most at ease and then slowly introduced more to me. I felt quite exhilarated after the shoot and it definitely boosted my confidence so I’m grateful I did it and would love to continue on this path.

Megan O

Jared was so friendly and down to earth. He was super chilled and is so talented at what he does behind the lens. I felt very comfortable under his guidance and relaxed during the whole shoot.


Great experience working with Jared. Jared’s photography experience in the industry made me feel confident that the shoot will go well.

Jessica K

Really enjoyed it! Glad Jacob allowed me to go out of the box and try new things! Had a lot of fun!


Was a very fun, comfortable shoot with Emily. She studied the brief provided by AEFM very well. I was very happy with the quality and speed at which she was able to get the photos to me. A few frames didn’t include enough negative space but other than that a very positive experience.


Enjoyed the process, was easy and fun to work with. The shots turned out great

Jess P

The photo shoot was a great experience and lots of fun. Jacob was very professional and I learned a lot from him about angles, shapes, and movement in front of the camera. I can’t wait to do it again!

Grace V

the different movement shots. As it was my first shoot, everything was quite new, but by the end it became easier to execute. I am very happy with how most of the photos came out, the experience was overall really good, and it helped me to improve and learn.

Annika O

Overall Photoshoot went smoothly and quickly. Very satisfied


Jacob was great, I feel very comfortable working with him and Elise and I worked very well together. timing was always in sync


Jacob is an absolute legend and made the shoot fun, positive and warming. Looking forward to catching up with the great man again.

James H

I cannot describe just how comfortable and confident Jacob made me feel in front of the camera. Having minimal experience, I was hesitant and unsure how the shoot would go and if I would be able to perform. All of that went out the door as soon as we started shooting, and within minutes, it felt very natural. Jacob knew exactly what he was doing, and the results speak for themselves.

Ricki L

Photoshoot was well organised by Jacob, I appreciated how he got involved in the shoot !

Elisa D

Jacob and I flew through the photoshoot ahead of schedule. Hopefully that means that we were able to get each shot we needed with ease! For it being my first ever shoot, Jacob was very easy to work with and helped me perform the movements necessary to get the perfect shots. Very pleased with how some of the photos turned out!


I really enjoyed the photoshoot! I had not modelled previously so I was a bit nervous going into my first shoot and was unsure what to expect. Jacob made me feel comfortable and stepped me through the shoot and it ran smoothly. I appreciate that my opinions and ideas were considered and we worked efficiently and productively throughout the shoot. I am satisfied with the results of the photo shoot, I enjoyed the process and I am keen to continue.

Chantel G

Jacob was great from the moment I got there, adapting as he needed to suit the day and me. I’m new to this so he was really helpful demonstrating moves and making suggestions with and for the shot. Professional and a genuinely nice guy.


I enjoyed the photoshoot (except for the temperature haha!) Jacob made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and was excellent at providing clear instructions. I look forward to working with Jacob again in the future.

Georgia Stef

I had the pleasure of participating in a photoshoot with AEFM, and I want to express my deep appreciation for the opportunity. We had the photoshoot early on a serene Saturday morning in the heart of Melbourne. Jacob, the photographer, deserves special mention for his professionalism and affability. As someone relatively new to this world, he went above and beyond to ensure my comfort throughout the shoot. His willingness to experiment with various creative approaches was truly commendable, and I couldn’t be happier with the stunning shots he managed to capture. Also Jay, whose warm and welcoming left a lasting impression. His prompt and attentive responses, coupled with his evident industry expertise, have made my first shoot one to remember. Jay is a true professional and an all-around cool individual. I am very grateful for this opportunity and eager for the prospect of collaborating with AEFM once more. Jay and Jacob, thanks heaps!


The photoshoot was an excellent experience! My photographer Jacob was a true professional. Right from the start I felt very comfortable and he did an amazing job at keeping the shoot lots fun and lighthearted. Jacob gave excellent posing direction and has an incredible eye for detail!


I loved the photo shoot and got so much out of it. It was a great way to learn about my best angles and body positioning. The shoot felt very natural and comfortable with us getting the best shots quite quickly.

Katherine P

I really enjoyed the photoshoot with Jacob, he has always made me feel comfortable with our shoots and I found the poses to be a lot easier and natural than I anticipated.


JT is the man and really knows his stuff. He hit some great angles and got some good action shots. A true professional.


Couldn’t of asked for a better first photoshoot. Jared was a very helpful person who gave me the confidence to do what had to be done in front of whoever was watching. He gave many helpful tips that has given me every bit of confidence to tackle any future work I may receive.

Jason Z

Working with Jared Taylor was an absolute bliss! Jared was so warm and provided tips and techniques to elevate all my shots. Very grateful that AEFM paired me with a professional yet friendly photographer to ensure my vision came to life. Many thanks to Jared and AEFM!

Linda M

The photographer was professional, welcoming and he made me feel very relaxed with his personal approach. The photoshopt was fun and energetic. He gave great directions, made use of the lighting and had great attention to detail. He didn’t rush the shoot, and ensured we captured the right shots/moments. Overall a very enjoyable experience.


Jacob was very time efficient and professional and good at providing feedback for the poses. He never failed to capture good shots and didn’t miss a flick.


Jacob was very patient and kind, as I did not know that I have to rehearse the exact poses, and I had to learn all the poses for the first time on the session. Jacob was patient and very polite.


Photoshoot was awesome, easy, professional and so much fun! Jacob was a delight and makes you feel very comfortable from beginning to end. His magic behind the lense makes you feel confident and allows you to push yourself to get the best possible images. Great experience!


I was initially nervous about the photo shoot, but Jared, the photographer, quickly put me at ease. His professionalism and skill were evident throughout the session. Overall, it was a great experience.

Jenny W

The photo shoot went great with JT and despite the wind he managed to get awesome shots. I feel JT could have provided some cosmetics such as makeup for the camera but other than that went really great.

Aidan R

I was a little nervous when heading to my shoot and was unsure what to expect but after arriving the photographer made me feel more comfortable when treating me more like I friend. I soon warmed up and received great photos. I have full trust in AEFM and their photographers after they made my shoot exciting and fun in such a nervous setting. They really helped to build my confidence. Thank you again AEFM.

Brandon H

I really enjoyed shooting with AEFM, Jacob made the whole process really easy from start to finish and I was really happy with how the photos came out!


Photoshoot went really well, JT was great to work with. We were able to get lots of awesome shots!

Zoe Ab

10/10 Absolutely loved the photo shoot, I had such a fun time. Jared was so easy to work with, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of camera. And I’m thrilled with how the photos came out. Would recommend!

Matt S

The portfolio shoot with Jacob was fantastic. He was very clear in conveying his vision, which made it very accessible for someone with limited modeling experience as myself to work with. I was able to ask questions and share some of my ideas with Jacob which resulted in a successful, enjoyable collaboration.


Communication with Jay to set up the phone shoot was fast and efficient. My photographer JT was professional, made me feel comfortable, and gave me great direction.


Loved the shoot today, felt confident and enjoyed the movement in front of the camera! Had a great time creating dynamic shapes and strong poses with Jacob. Looking forward to shooting again soon!

Catherine G

The photo shoot was an exceptional experience. I really enjoyed working with Jacob and in our short time I felt as though I learned a lot. He made it a super easy and welcoming experience.


I believe the photo shoot went smoothly. Jacob made me feel extremely comfortable and was great at giving demonstrations and instructions. We got some great shots in a timely manner. Thank you!!

Zoe G

The photoshoot was professional, exciting and went really smoothly. I felt empowered after the shoot, confident and happy about all the photos that were taken. Jacob the photographer was professional and made the day fun for me, also helping me perfect some of the poses I found a little difficult to do. He was very understanding and gave me a lot of guidance and support, was also very calm and easy to be around. The location of the shoot was easily accessible, unique and provided me with a great backdrop for the images. The duration of the shoot flew by as I was having so much fun, I didn’t want it to end !


Had a great time at the photoshoot with Jacob, was professional but also very laidback and was able to have a good laugh which shook off any nerves. The way he directed the shoot was clear and precise and the photos speak to that.

Aaron D

The photoshoot was an amazing experience for her. She loves being on camera and the photographer made it easy for her to do the poses. Overall, it was a great photoshoot session.


My photo shoot was a great challenging experience. I was pushed to step outside of my comfort zone and perform movements I would not usually do, so I was able to learn a lot.


The photoshoot with Jacob was very pleasant. He bought a lot of great ideas to the table and gave very helpful demonstrations of poses I found challenging to do. He’s very professional, knows how to capture the best photos, and a joy to be around.


Photoshoot was great, definitely something outside of my comfort zone to start but once we started it was really easy to pick up and work with the photographer.


Had a fantastic experience working with photographer Jacob. Extremely professional and was given great advice as well as support in getting the best looks and poses. Overall was given an amazing opportunity to try out something new.


Jacob was extremely easy to work with and very professional. He was helpful with the flow of the shoot and provided beneficial instructions.


The photoshoot went very smoothly and I believe we got some great shots. Jacob was very friendly and was a pleasure to work with, as well as being a great photographer. Jacob was very time efficient but didn’t rush or take anything away from the quality of the shots.

David R

My photoshoot was a great experience. I’ve done lots of work in front of a camera before but not in terms of modeling so it was quite enjoyable learning what goes into it. Super keen to have another one!

Connor O

The photo shoot was fun I loved meeting everyone & we all got along very well, everyone was so nice & open & very professional I felt very comfortable


I loved how I was able to give my options and feedback during the shoot, and how open the photographer was to my ideas. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed trying new movements. The photographer made me feel instantly comfortable and confident which made the shoot very fun and relaxing.


I enjoyed shooting with Jacob. It was really fun working with him. It was my first professional photo shootings and he guided me with different styles and moves that I was not familiar with as well as additional great mood boards. The location was also suitable for the shooting and creating a good conducive shooting environment. I felt a warm welcome to the AEFM family and was able to work with a great team of individuals.


Really enjoyed the shoot today. Jacob did really well as a photographer, taking his time and making us all feel comfortable throughout. Jason was brilliant and was so welcoming and friendly to me as I am new to this profession and am still learning. Please give me feedback if needed on the biography as I’m not sure what information is needed.


Having only done one photoshoot prior to doing a shoot with Jacob, naturally, I was nervous. Jacob made the process very easy and stress-free! He was very professional and gave great suggestions with movements. I would definitely recommend Jacob and wouldn’t hesitate to do another photo shoot with him in the future.


Jacob and Jay were extremely pleasant to work with, and gave me great directions and positive feedback when needed. They were really patient and giving with their time. It was a very pleasant experience and can’t wait to do more shoots with them in the future.

Steven Ch

My photos give you an indication of my physique, capability and versatility. I enjoy working with photographers and videographers closely to meet the brief well and represent the campaign impeccably and am always committed to producing a truly high quality result. In my portfolio you will find my dance influence, strength, muscle definition, stamina, and maturity working with the camera being showcased. I love to work hard and generate a quality commercial product for the client and do my upmost to bring my ‘A’ game in every-shot.


The photoshoot was great, Jacob was laid back and wasn’t as serious as I pictured. Felt accomplished afterwards.

Jack B

The photo shoot was fun and exciting, I was able to do something new and out of my comfort zone, despite the cold. I had heaps of fun and it was a good learning experience on the type of poses I like doing.


Jacob was very professional with how he worked. I felt very comfortable with him and he always made the effort to get the best possible shot. He gave me great feedback with regard to my poses as this was one of the first times I have done a shoot. I would recommend Jacob to anyone looking to take some awesome pics!


I really enjoyed the shoot. Jared is an amazing photographer who is very professional, and super helpful and creative when it comes to posing.

Madison M

We both loved the shoot with Jacob. He was able to guide both of us through a range of positions and locations. He was so easy to work with and took some great shots!!

Omar & Monique

The shoot was very enjoyable. Jacob was very welcoming and easy to work with. Being inexperienced in front of a camera Jacob made me feel very comfortable and had an abundance of ideas to help the shoot. I would say to anyone looking to do a shoot with him is in great hands.


Jacob was a pleasure to work with. His direction and professionalism created a comfortable working environment. I would gladly work with him again

Lachie G

I really enjoyed the photo shoot the photographer was really nice and easy to get along and I feel like we got some good shots

Stephen W

Jacob was very professional. I was happy that the shoot was one on one. Next time I would like some behind-the-scenes videos and shots. I would suggest having Jacob arrive the day before the shoot so it’s not such a big day for him on the 1st day of shooting.

Lucy W

Jacob was very polite, professional and accommodating. He made the entire experience from start to finish comfortable and fun. I honestly had such a fun time shooting this content with him and would highly recommend him to others. Thank you for all your support Jacob, I am very happy with the final shots.

Laura K

The photoshoot was lots of fun! I felt confident and the photographer (Jacob) was friendly and easy to work with.


The photoshoot with Jacob was amazing! He was professional, funny and made the experience really enjoyable.

Amy M

The photo shoot I just had with AEFM was amazing although the weather conditions were very cold and windy the photographer continued to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for me. We got to experience with multiple colours positions and movement styles as well as in some workout equipment. I found my photographer made it a very comfortable shoot and made sure I was ticking all the boxes needed.

Ella T

Communication prior to shooting was great. JT was really easy to work with and extremely professional. The direction was clear which made it easier to achieve the shots, especially with facial expressions and body positioning. Considering it was my first fitness professional photo shoot I felt comfortable.


Loved it! I feel like my photographer was being extremely proffessional and came up with different varieties of poses and challenged your mindset to the absolute fullest. Id highly recommend anyone to work with Jacob as he was very patient, humoristic and did all it took to give you an incredible portfolio. Always in sync with his client and opened to listen to new ideas, if some pose didnt work he was flexible enough to work around it and ”make it work” so to speak. This is someone Id gladly be working with again.


I enjoyed the photo shoot and found Jared so helpful and patient. Given this is my first shoot he guided me throughout the whole process and made me feel very comfortable.

Jennifer J

Jacob was great and very professional. Felt natural and fun and comfortable. The poses came easily and naturally and were able to be directed easily with clear directions.

Alex S

The shoot was awesome! Jared was very accommodating and helped coach me through every shot. He gave good tips and advice for posing and made me feel as comfortable as I could’ve asked for. I really enjoyed the day and am very pleased with the final shots


Rudy had a great time, Jacob directed him very well for his first real shoot in front of the camera.

Rudy D

I had the great fortune and please working with Jacob, it was a well-organized and very professional photoshoot with Jacob having excellent knowledge on all the different posing ideas and outfits as well as high quality photography skills. We got along very well, and I would love to work with Jacob again any chance I get as we both communicated well, and both had a strong understanding on what we needed to get out of the photoshoot.

Liam G

Loved the shoot. Was really great working with Jacob. Good really good feedback and advice on poses and angles.

Emily Mc

The photoshoot was great. I don’t think you can get anyone more patient and determined than Jacob

Alan N

My photo shoot experience was great, Jacob was very helpful in helping me decide what outfit we wanted to go with what pose and which props to use. As a visual learner it was nice having the images in front of me which I needed to demonstrate but I was allowed to put my own spin and personality into them which I feel made the shoot feel more like me. we got some fantastic shots and I’m extremely happy with them.


The photoshoot was wonderful. Jacob helped me with the positioning&posing, he also gave me very clear directions on how to achieve the best shots effectively. He was great at communicating, and is very professional in his process of work.

Elena L

Despite the weather, Jacob excelled at maintaining great lighting and framing in the shots, being very efficient with going between differing shots and positions. Offered great positioning for me to get the best position for the shot.


I had a wonderful time, Jake made me feel very confident and was so kind to do a secondary shoot.


I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot! Jacob was amazing and made me feel so comfortable.


It was a nice photoshoot, we did different poses and outfits which helped a lot to good results I believe. He was experienced, very helpful and nice to work with.


AEFM has been very supportive and motivating throughout this new journey of mine. My initial shoot was a fantastic experience and accompanied by a fantastic photographer who gave me expert knowledge for the shoot. AEFM was very adaptable when it came to weather hiccups and presents great communication. Altogether I’ve had a great experience with AEFM.

Jess Bowden

Was a great photoshoot the photographer knew what he was doing he was on time efficient and made the process a easy one


Jacob was great! Being my first test shoot I was made to feel comfortable straight away. He gave great directions and I am very happy with my final shots. My shoot with JT was incredible. His knowledge, directions and eye for detail was amazing. I learned some valuable things whilst working with JT that I will carry with me as a continue to gain experience.

Victoria N

I had lots of fun and JT made me feel really comfortable. It was great to get an insight and some tips for future photos


It was really bad weather when i had my Photoshoot but with support and help of my photographer with completed the shoot realy well. Photoshoot went really well and I am completely satisfied with my Photoshoot.


I enjoyed the experience. It was interesting and awesome! I like how Jay organises and always keeps me updated.


I really enjoyed the shooting the other day, It actually felt really natural to perform physical activity in front of the camera. Paloma did a great job helping me to get the right poses and find the right angles. I can really see myself becoming serious about it. I’m excited about what’s next to come.


The photoshoot with Jasmina was great! She is a brilliant photographer with an eye for detail. We shot with another model and I found that we really bounced off each other, we helped each other with poses and the vibe on set was relaxed and comfortable.

Sophie H

The photoshoot with Jasmina was so much fun, she gave me guidance when I lost my way but also encouragement when things were working. It felt super collaborative and easy and the shots look great!


JT was professional, friendly, understanding, flexible, accommodating and very easy to work with. He demonstrated an excellent understanding of angles and perspective, and an eye for detail. The shoot flowed seamlessly, and he was able to capture a large and versatile range of high-quality images within two hours. I would highly recommend JT as a photographer and would be more than happy to work with him again in the future.


After having numerous photoshoots over time, I thought I knew what to expect but this far exceeds my expectations being a fitness photoshoot, it was so much fun and loved how different it was and Mathew was amazing.


Really enjoyed it! Letting the photographer know that I was new to fitness photography she guided me in the active poses. Would love to work with her again!


Rachel was great to work with. She made me feel very comfortable and made the whole process easy

Georgia L

I really enjoyed the photoshoot, I feel like the shots turned out very professional and considering it was my first shoot, I became quite comfortable after some time. It felt quite natural once I understood how to pose and it was an amazing experience which I could definitely imagine doing again! I am very excited for the next one and can’t wait to showcase what I’ve got to the camera!


Great location. The photographer (Rachel) was easy to work with. We started on time and got over 250 shots within the agreed-upon timeframe. She gave excellent directions while being collaborative. I felt at ease and hope to work with her again.


Rachel and Jay were flawless in their communication and organisational skills. The shoot itself was fun and organic. Rachel was so welcoming and supportive whilst on set. The team have been nothing short of supportive, genuine and professional. I highly recommend anyone starting their journey in the fitness modelling industry reach out to them.


I had a really fun and enthusiastic shoot with JT and Norm. Both were extremely supportive and incredibly professional. They made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera. Their direction and flexibility with the shoot were seamless, creative and a joyful experience.


I had so much fun on my photoshoot with Rachel. She makes you feel at ease with her easy-going personality yet she’s so professional in communicating exactly what is required and helped me prepare and execute some great movement shots overall.


Rach was highly professional and offered great direction and guidance throughout the shoot. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in my body, and worked with me to find the right complementing angles.


I really enjoyed my photoshoot with Jared, the arrangement was seamless prior to and I felt very prepared going into the shoot. He was very professional and I felt at ease as we made our way through each look. Unfortunately, we had a storm pass over that doesn’t provide the most flattering lighting for muscle definition however I am stoked with the shots nonetheless and I am eager to see the end result. Comparatively, Jared provided a lot more direction than most photographers I’ve worked with regard to posing. Whilst I did feel this did make it a little difficult to express my own individuality/personality in posing, from a marketability point I definitely appreciated the guidance.

Christina W

Most amazing experience out of all my shoots I have done very comfortable and relaxed made it so much easier to shoot. Tiffany was amazing


I really enjoyed shooting with AEFM. I felt comfortable with the photographer straight away and was well guided in where to stand and how to hold myself. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of how to move in front of the camera for fitness shoots compared to general fashion or swimwear. It was a lot of fun and great to understand how the impact of colour can make or break a photo. It was fun to work together to recreate poses and ideas, whilst learning how to move. After the shoot, it made me more motivated and excited to begin building my portfolio


The photoshoot was great – Brandon’s direction and vision really came to life in the photographs. The shots are exactly what I had hoped for. Given that it was my first photoshoot, Brandon made me feel at ease and gave commentary throughout.


Jared was amazing! The location was beautiful. It was fun, energetic and very professional. Jared was so helpful and supportive and made it feel effortless. I got so much advice and tips for future shots that I feel really comfortable.


I had such a great time. JT was lovely and really made me feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera.


Rachel was great, she let me know what I needed to work on and what I did really well in. She was supportive, understanding and made me look great!



The photo shoot with Jarred Taylor was phenomenal. JT was extremely professional. Being my first photo shoot I was a little nervous. JT made me feel at ease and encouraged and coached me resulting in some beautiful shots. I can’t thank JT enough for the time he gave me, the valuable advice he offered and the overall experience I had.


The photoshoot was an extremely positive experience. Rachel and I were able to create a constructive working rapport which led to the production of a creative and successful outcome. While providing adequate direction as a guide without stifling the opportunity for intuitive exploration, Rachel was clear, encouraging, and adept at her craft. As a model, I felt understood in terms of creative direction while also the freedom to experiment with different movements and poses. Working with Rachel was a thoroughly rewarding experience in that the ease of collaboration and successful creation came hand-in-hand between both the photographer and the model.


I enjoyed the photoshoot overall, Rachel was very helpful in guiding me on body positioning and where to look which was very helpful as it was my first shoot. I enjoyed the movement shots more as I got them to be physical which is when I’m most comfortable.

Daniel V

Rachel was amazing throughout the entire photoshoot and provided the best experience possible by being easy to communicate with. She also made me feel at ease throughout the shoot with her calm and patient nature where she was also able to share her knowledge and experience on how to present myself for the best action shots which looked incredible. She came prepared and was nimble and quick throughout the shoot which made the whole experience fun and interesting.


I was really happy with the photoshoot with Rachel. She is friendly and professional, we communicated really well and produced some amazing photos!


Tiffany was great to work with. She had a respectful, helpful and professional attitude. Explained the job and flow of the day then executed with good direction and timing. She seemed very experienced with choosing lenses, angles, framing and outfits. We only had to re-shoot one outfit. Overall, I would recommend Tiffany and it would be a pleasure to work with her in the future.


I had my photoshoot with Brandon, who immediately made me feel comfortable and let me shine in front of the camera. From the moment I met Brandon, I could see that he was extremely confident in his abilities and I felt like I definitely could trust his cues and judgement. I had an amazing time and the 2 hours just flew by. I would not hesitate to recommend Brandon and hope that we can work together again in the future!


Rach was amazing to work with! Rach made sure I was comfortable, gave me great directions and everything ran smoothly. For my first time doing a fitness shoot, it was the best experience. I can’t wait to work with Rach again.


I had my photo shoot with Rachel, who was lovely. She was a well-experienced photographer who was encouraging and made great suggestions on picture ideas and poses. The location of the shoot was at the top of some stairs in Melbourne, this was perfect as there were a lot of natural colours making it easy for me to stand out against the backdrop. Overall, Rachel’s professionalism allowed her to take someone like me who is very new to modelling and create images for my portfolio that captures my athleticism and my aesthetic.

James M

I enjoyed the shoot and it was a great first experience. I always look ‘funny’ to myself on photos, but the quality of the team and professionalism was great. I’d love to showcase some of my other looks with another shoot.


The shoot with Rachel was so smooth and extremely fun! She made me feel so comfortable it flew by! The shots we got were very powerful and exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Rachel


Andrew and Christina were amazing to work with. It was my first ever photo shoot, and they instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed. I had so much fun and the end result was absolutely unbelievably good. I couldn’t recommend T-rex Productions enough.

Rachel C

Rachel was easy to work with, she has a lot of good ideas and a good eye for the right shots. She was also open to my own ideas, we exchanged and collaborated well. The outcome of the shoot is amazing photos. It was a pleasure working with her.


Rachel was so professional, patient and so friendly, she made me feel so comfortable. She was super creative with an artistic eye. I was so pleased with my session and the final photos. Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Great to work with.


JT was amazing photographer!! The shoot itself went well. Location was great as well as the poses I picked to do were really strongly suited to building my portfolio which is awesome. What I really like was that as the shoot went on JT gave some really key pointers for me to focus on like posing and what to expect at specific shoots and how to prepare which was really cool.


The location was awesome, gave great versatility for a range of different movements and shots. Rachel was fun and chill to work with and helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Working with a professional gave us the opportunity to create some epic shots.


Leroy is a very professional photographer. Leroy made me feel at ease and patient. Leroy was very clear with instructions/directions given to me therefore I understood his visions clearer.

Katie G

Amazing photographers, great shots and guidance.


I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with Leroy. We have worked together many times and we work so well together. Our vision for each shoot is always so well communicated.


Rachel was great to work with – gave good direction. Felt quite confident, particularly with a lot of the movement shots. Felt like we had to smash it out at a fairly fast pace to get as many great shots as we could in the time frame given, however, I usually work well under pressure so that was ok for me. Can’t wait for future shoots!

Jess D

Rachel made my first photoshoot extremely smooth and enjoyable! She was very clear about what I needed to do, where she wanted me and it made my shoot so much fun. I feel I am a very easy person to get along with and found we both worked well together! Should the opportunity arise I would love to work with her again and was very happy with the overall shoot and images!


My photoshoot couldn’t have gone better. It was a magic morning with fantastic people for my photographers. They made everything very easy, fun and self-explanatory. I enjoyed every part of it.


The photo shoot was such a good experience and something I can definitely get used to. Andrew & Christina were awesome and made the shoot fun and easy experience. Everything just flowed nicely, very organised and just two great human beings.

Sean B

I felt quite confident in the shoot, the photographer was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I want to work on my facial expressions and awareness of my angles in photos ensuring I am productive and provide clean shots for the client.


Had a fantastic time shooting with Rachel. From the moment I arrived to the last frame she made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera.


The photo shoot was a very enjoyable experience, at first before arriving at the shoot I was very nervous as it was something I had never done before. Once arriving at the shoot and being introduced to Rachel I found myself feeling a lot calmer as Rachel was a very welcoming person and amazing to work with, she was very professional in what she was doing but she also made things feel very relaxed and enjoyable. Shooting the shots themselves was very enjoyable, with some shots being a challenge, I felt as though I was able to overcome any difficulties that were at first present during the shoot.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first photoshoot and I can’t wait to do another one! Although I needed guidance (particularly at the beginning), I felt comfortable in front of the camera. I learnt a lot about what to expect at photoshoots, how to prepare for them and what modelling is actually like. Something that I need to take on board for next time is to bring clothing that are bright colours. I realised that the majority of my outfits were darker colours that don’t stand out. After looking at other people’s photos from their shoots I noticed the difference that this makes. I should also take more time to practice posing and exploring my angles. Andrew and Christina were incredible, both as photographers and people. They were so supportive and fun.


The photoshoot was so much fun, and it was very close to where I live, so it was so easy to get to. The pictures look amazing and I cant wait to see the final product. Both the photographer and director were so friendly and really supportive and encouraging which made me feel relaxed and happy. Thanks again


Rach was so great to work with, she was really encouraging and very professional. She was very helpful with direction and outfit choice and was incredibly encouraging. I very much enjoyed working with Rach and would love to work with her again.


Rachael was an amazing photographer to work with and made me feel extremely comfortable. This was my first photoshoot so I was a bit nervous, however, she was very helpful and made the whole experience very enjoyable.

Isabella H

Considering this was my first photo shoot, I found it to be a very positive experience. The photographer was so lovely and relaxed and made me feel very comfortable. Overall it was a very fun and positive experience

Georgie T

The photo shoot went well, was my first shoot so was a bit nervous on how I’d go but I enjoyed it and the guys were great!

Jake L

It was great working with Andrew and Christine. They listened to my ideas and shared a very similar creative mindset to me. I had a lot of fun and was stoked with the shots. The whole experience felt very natural for me and I’m glad they trusted me with different styles and poses and gave me positive feedback.


My photoshoot with Ben was fantastic. It was my first professional fitness shoot and I felt that we worked great together as a team. Ben was easy to get along with and had a positive and calm attitude. Ben knew how to catch the morning light perfectly. I followed Ben’s pointers readily. With multiple outfits being shot, I was quick to change to ensure we had enough time to capture each one and have a sufficient amount to choose from. We moved through a combination of explosive and static shots and I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the shoot.

Natasha M

I really enjoyed working with Christina and Andrew. They were good at giving me cues to adjust my poses and provided lots of compliments which helped with my confidence in front of the camera, as I’m relatively new to this type of work!

Samantha S

The Photoshoot was organized efficiently by Jay, and there was good communication with both Jay and Rachel leading up to the shoot. I had a great time with Rachel trying new movements and poses. She had a large selection of amazing poses/movements for me to attempt as well. She gave a lot of guidance and cues throughout the shoot, which is good for someone like me who is new to this environment. The site selected for the Photoshoot had a variety of different and unique backdrops, which is great for building a new portfolio.


I absolutely enjoyed my time at the photoshoot with Rachel. She made the whole experience very comfortable and was very professional. She was very good with explaining what she wanted the moves to look like to make the perfect shot and she was really good with utilising the time. I would love to work with Rachel again for future shoots. Enjoyed it a lot.


The shoot turned out really well, was a little cold therefore hard to get the body pumped up and warm, minimal sun but made the most of what we had

Mark A

Rachel was a wonder to work with! The time I went with her was so worthwhile and everything ran smoothly. The direction was clear and I loved being able to see the images we were recreating. I had the best day! Thank you so much.

Georgia S

I very much enjoyed my photo shoot with Rachel. She was so encouraging and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I found being photographed fun and I really liked the movement shots. Taking part in this photo shoot made me excited for more opportunities in fitness modelling and I’m so excited to be part of the AEFM team. Rachel couldn’t have been a better photographer to work with.


Arriving at the location in the early morning I found my energy to be very high. Being on time was important in order for me to warm up to get the best range of motion. Meeting Rachel was calming as we discussed the type of movements, for each individual spot, and which outfit we decided would complement the location/movements best. This allowed for a great flow throughout the shoot and little time in between allowed us to get the most out of the time frame. I found as the shoot went on I became more and more aware of my face whilst executing difficult and fast-paced movements. Each direction taken from Rachel was constructive and I feel she got the best out of me, the clothing and the location/setting. Overall, it was fun, empowering and a great way to build the foundations of my folio.


My recent photoshoot with JT was amazing. As a mature, first-timer he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and gave such great direction. I brought along the clothes that best represent me: a mix of bright, happy colours, and some equipment I feel at ease with. I believe the shots captured, best represent my outgoing personality. I love the dynamic movements and how JT was able to freeze those moments in time, often at full stretch or mid-leap. Sometimes I found my face was not portraying the free movement my body was showing, so that’s something I’ll work on.


Matthew was an excellent photographer who made me feel very comfortable in my craft. This was my very first photo shoot so a few learning curves were to be expected. This gave me the opportunity to see where I need to improve and what I can do even better for my next shoot. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to working with AEFM.


I felt extremely comfortable and confident working with Rachel on the portfolio photoshoot. We achieved a wide variety of looks that felt really natural, from lifestyle poses to action shots which were my personal favourites. With my background in personal training alongside the years of posing practice, I can easily take direction from photographers but also use my own ideas to provide different looks for each individual shot that best show off the activewear or brand.


Shooting with Mathew was really fun, he made the photoshoot so simple and fun he directed well on how to pose. I have learned a lot from within those few hours of shooting with him I really had a blast working with him.


My afternoon with Matt was a lot of fun. He was easy going and very patient, explaining clearly what he wanted me to do. We worked well together, creating some amazing shots. The photoshoot went really fast and Matt worked with me to get the very best out of me while making me feel comfortable and confident in what we were achieving. It was a great day.


Working with Matthew was a breeze, he gave great help and direction and made me feel super comfortable throughout the shoot. Would happily work with Matthew in the future.

Amy H

I had my photoshoot done by Matthew Henry and he was awesome! Very easy going and also efficient. Felt very comfortable around him and the communication up until the date done by AEFM was excellent. I would certainly recommend it.


The photoshoot was fantastic, we ended up doing about 4 hours. Although we battled against the wind, and some chilly conditions, Matt was great and ended up getting some shots that I am really happy with. Thank you again for the opportunity.


The photoshoot couldn’t have gone any better. JT was extremely descriptive with what he wanted from each shot and was able to give perfect guidance throughout. Within 5 minutes I felt beyond comfortable and everything came fluently. Really enjoyed myself


I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about posing, angles and take direction from an experienced photographer. The photographers gave me insight into understanding how movement and facial expression is captured through the lens, which provided me with insight into how I can produce a better quality image as a model. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational experience.


I had an amazing time shooting with JT. From the moment I got there, I felt so comfortable! I really enjoyed taking the movement shots, as I do Instagram normally, I’m used to standing in one position, so it was a nice change and the images came out amazing


Had a lot of fun shooting with JT in the Gold Coast. He was great to work with, gave good advice and made me feel super comfortable from the get-go. I’d definitely approach it a lot different looking back at it now but I am overall happy with how it went and will take a lot from it for the next ones coming.


Right from the start, Jason at AEFM International was very professional and helpful in preparing myself for my portfolio. I was introduced to Matthew who was such a great photographer and really took the time and effort into getting the best shots possible. He was a great person to work with and very skilled at his job. Was a great pleasure to work with Matthew.


It was a real pleasure to meet Jared for my shoot with AEFM. He was punctual, professional, kind and extremely informative. From start to finish of the shoot he was very driven but also made me feel comfortable. Jared  is a very talented individual and it was a pleasure to work with him in capturing the moments. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.


I have shot with a few photographers in the fitness industry and Jared was by far the most enjoyable! Professional, talented, humorous, efficient and not short of ideas enabled us to nail some great shots. Highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again.


My experience working with the AEFM team has been a true pleasure. They are all friendly, prompt and enthusiastic people that really care for and take pride in their work and so it is a great environment to be in. Jason is a great understanding and hard-working leader and my photo shoot experience with Matthew was perfect. He was knowledgeable, patient and approachable throughout the entirety of the time we spent on location. His shot creativity was awesome and the end products are perfect. You couldn’t ask for any better. They are all true professionals.


Photoshoot was really good! It was nearly called off because of weather but I think considering the circumstances we got some really good shots. Matthew and his assistant were so helpful with running me through poses and making me feel comfortable.


Working with Matt and the AEFM team has been an enjoyable and seamless experience. Matt was a pleasure to work with. On the shoot, he was timely and provided good direction to get the best out of myself. His turnaround time was great and the edits were on point. He delivered a superb set of images that will certainly help build my portfolio!


When I first heard that I was shooting with Oz I was very nervous because I had heard of his high profile work and I didn’t know how I would cope with the stress of trying to impress him but once I’d spoken to him and actually began to plan the shoot I become so much more comfortable and was able to have fun on the day, he greeted me with a smile and I was so excited to shoot with him, he really did make it an enjoyable experience that I could just be myself with and the photos are amazing I’m so happy with them.


Shooting with AEFM was fun and relaxed, as the photographer Matthew knew which areas would work with his client, and provided a clear direction of what he wanted. With an early start we made our way through the CBD towards the MCG, shooting at each location he had prepared for while taking advantage of good lighting in new locations along the way. The shoot took roughly two hours in total, and was a great learning experience as I got my first experience shooting with a sporting


“Oz is the best fitness photographer I have ever shot with. I always feel I want lots of guidance with photos and not only did he guide me all the way, he taught me a couple of things and on top of that, he was funny and made me feel extremely comfortable. He is also very talented and creative and really emphasises that the shots are about the model, not his style. I would love to shoot with him again”.


My experience shooting the portfolio was great. The photographer (Mathew) was very professional. It was easy to work with him and also fun, bringing out exceptional photos. Overall, the AFM team was very helpful, taking care of every detail to achieve the best results. 


My experience with AEFM has been nothing short of perfect! I was new to the modelling industry and from the very beginning Jason has always been very supportive and encouraging. He has helped me so much along the way and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such an excellent team.


The team at AEFM are phenomenal. My initial photo shoot was the most comfortable I have been in front of the camera and with the backing of Jason behind me, I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. Very professional. Thanks guys


I had the pleasure of working with the Aefm photographer Matthew to complete my portfolio photos. Matthew has a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. His eye for the details really helps to ensure you’re capturing your best features and skills. Working together we accomplished some great shots I’m so proud of, and can honestly say I came away with more knowledge and experience as a fitness model. 


“I met the AEFM photographer the day of my shoot. I was so nervous due to not having done a lot of this before. He made me feel really comfortable and was a lot of fun to work with. JT had amazing vision and the pictures he took prove it. They turned out amazing. I would definitely jump at the chance to work with JT again. I am extremely happy with the final outcome!”.


“Initially shooting with JT was very nerve racking for me as it was my first professional photoshoot. However after speaking on the phone prior, JT made me feel completely at ease with his encouragement and sense of humour. Onsite he was easy to follow and had amazing foresight to create fantastic images. He had a relaxed professionalism I have never before experienced that made for an amazing shoot. I would not hesitate at the opportunity to model for him again and would recommend JT to anyone looking not just for good images but amazing photos”.


AEFM provided an amazing photographer to help me shoot my portfolio. As someone with no prior modelling experience, the photographer gave me the confidence to take some great shots in front of the camera. They picked a location and environment that suited my mood board, played to my strengths as an athlete, gave constructive and clear feedback and had a great eye for detail. I was lucky to shoot with a photographer that has shot for some of the world’s biggest sporting brands.


JT is an outstanding photographer with a magical ability to capture the true nature of people. He just doesn’t just take pictures, he capture moments. JTs images are technically superb. He has a wonderful way of putting you at ease.


I booked a shoot with Matthew soon after and it was outstanding. This was my first ever photoshoot, so I wasn’t aware of the standard shooting protocols or anything you would assume a model should know. Matthew helped me feel at ease, and helped bring out and highlight the natural me. After spending a couple hours outside the Melbourne Museum shooting different styles and fitness outfits, I received a copy of the portfolio photos taken and I was blown away with the outcome. Truly professional photos… you would never had guessed it was my first time!!

With great credit to Matthew, the shoot was so professionally conducted and he helped bring out the ultimate best in me. I am grateful for Jason introducing me to Matthew, as I now have an amazing start to my brand new portfolio and I’m so excited to see where this leads me in the fitness modelling world.


An amazing shoot with the activewear brand No Timid Soul through AEFM. The process was so smooth, I felt so comfortable the whole time and the process was so professional. Highly recommend AEFM agency.


AEFM gives the best guidance for anyone looking at sports modeling for a career. My first paid shoot with ASICS KAYANO was the most rewarding experience and was accompanied by a fantastic photographer, MA/HA, and producers who gave me expert knowledge for the shoot. Altogether I’ve had a great experience working with AEFM.

Jessica B

I’m so happy to be a part of AEFM! Jay and the team are so welcoming and really do want the best for you. He is always checking in and helping me get some great/fun opportunities in this industry. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a positive and motivating environment pushing me to be the best version of myself! Excited for the times ahead.


Jay went above & beyond to help find me the right talent for our tight turn around TVC.

Kim Chapman at Channel 10

Had an amazing time shooting with Jay, super talented photographer, would definetely recommend it. 10/10

Johan Schmidt

I looked high and low to join a fitness agency here in Oz. AEFM I found to be super professional both in booking work and organising my folio. You guys rock


Very responsive and flexible. Web site makes it easy to choose the right model for the project. Would recommend for sports / fitness modeling work.

Gavin Rundle

It’s really good and inspiring to work for such a professional modeling agency. I’m glad to be a part of the team!


Thank you to Aleia and the team at AEFM for supplying talent over the years. For anyone needing fitness talent AEFM have a huge stable here in Australia. Thanks once again.


AEFM are an absolute class above! Communication with the team was top notch and the talents were very enthusiastic and professional to deal with. Highly recommend!

Cameron White

Love working with AEFM, always pushing me to be my best, and helping in progressing my career in the modelling industry


Jay really helped me get my foot in the door with modelling. Was very professional and friendly and continues to represent me through AEFM. Couldn’t recommend him and his team highly enough if you are looking for talent or looking to get into modelling!


Jay helped me get back on track in the modeling and acting scene and really suited all the criteria I was looking for in a talent agent. He’s given me work around Australia and gives people the opportunity to really grab their opportunities by the horns. He also is an exception when it comes to his photography and applies much passion towards his work.

Shan Adams

Very professional agency! Jay takes such great care of the models and is fantastic at communication. He has lots of knowledge about the industry.

GG Lawrence

Jay and the talent from AEFM were and absolute pleasure to deal with. Very prompt and diligent in responding.


I’ve loved working with Jay and the AEFM team – they’ve been nothing but supportive, communicative and professional. Couldn’t recommend AEFM higher!


The team at AEFM are very thorough and professional. I love how they always give me the best tips and advice to be the best fitness model I can be.

MJ Fit Life

As a model with this agency, I’ve absolutely loved my experience so far. Extremely professional in the way they conduct everything. Everyone I’ve dealt with from the agency has been amazing. I would recommend this agency to any model looking to specialise within the fitness industry 🙂


J and the team at AEFM have been nothing but exceptional. The talent required for our shoots has been incredible to work with and their service is highly recommended! We’ll definitely continue to work alongside AEFM for future campaigns and shoots.

Ediz from DYE

I worked with AEFM on a number of projects within the sports industry, and was consistently impressed by their fast communication, personal approach and reliability. AEFM worked closely and passionately with us to manage our bookings and scouting requirements, and always pulled through on last minute job requirements.

Chris at 2XU

Fantastic agency with a high calibre of diverse fitness models. Have worked with a few of their models now and they have been very professional, prepared and easy to work with.

Jasmina Z

AEFM is super professional even with short-notice bookings. Did a shoot for PWR and it was all organised and ran smoothly. The set crew was super organised to the tiniest detail making my job as well as the other members of the team less stressful.

Tibbs M

l own a sports brand in the middle East called DUKEFIT. l had the pleasure in working with AEFM in Sydney Australia, where they supplied both a male and fitness model for our ecommerce campaign. Jay and his team were super easy to deal with, I highly recommend AEFM.

Hamid “Duke”

The team at AEFM are attentive and dedicated, making sure you are looked after. The portfolio shoot is a great introduction and gives you confidence for the ongoing work

Flynn H

AEFM and Jay have been a great experience in welcoming me into the industry and were very supportive in getting myself started up with a career in modelling. Highly recommended!

Steven N

In dealing with Jason from AEFM everything has been smooth sails. Excellent in both communication and delivery of next steps. The photoshoot was a breeze, looking forward for what’s to come.


It’s been a great journey working with AEFM so far, the team was very helpful in organising my initial shoot and making me feel comfortable during the shoot. Afterwards I’ve reci bed great feedback and advice on building my portfolio and finding photographers to collaborate with


After working in the modeling industry for 11 years, AEFM is an incredible agency to be a part of and work closely with. Excellent communication with your bookers and brilliant representatives.


AEFM are a pleasure to work with. From setting up a portfolio with experienced photographers to finding excellent opportunities in the sports and fitness modelling industry. This has helped provide guidance and build my exposure as model. Highly recommend.

Samantha S

Since joining AEFM in 2016, I’ve had the opportunity to work with major brands such as Biink fitness wear, the A league, the Australian football league, and several modelling opportunities, all of which have been amazing experiences. If you’re looking for a place to start your fitness modelling career, I highly recommend working with AEFM.


I worked with AEFM back in 2018 before I returned home to Denmark. I am enlisted with a fitness agency in Denmark, which I have to say is nowhere near as prompt and open with their communication as AEFM. I am looking forward to returning to Australia to sign again with AEFM. They have come a long way, and I can’t wait to be represented by them once more.


Great communication with Jason he was really easy to work with. The model he provided was an absolute pleasure, moved greatly in front of the camera and nothing was too much trouble on shoot day. Cannot wait to work with them again in the future!


Working with Jay and his team has been amazing. The amount of care and support they provide to each individual is exceptional. Very good with communication and highly professional. Glad to be a part of the team AEFM


Working with AEFM International as a talent member has been a rewarding experience. Jay (the director of AEFM International) is extremely helpful, cooperative and supportive for both individuals new to fitness modelling as well as seasoned talent members. Photoshoots with AEFM are consistently well organised with cooperative individuals across the team from talent to photographers, ensuring the outcome is one of success.


Jay and his team have been a dream to work with. Super friendly and have helped me come out of my shell and build confidence in front of the camera.


The experience working with AEFM was so amazing! They were well organised and helped me with my dreams come true (being in a fitness agency) The photographer was super lovely and helped me out with my poses and outfits! Definitely recommend giving AEFM a shot as it gave me the best experience I’ve ever had!

Indianahrose Polkinghorne

AEFM demonstrated high-level end shoots when designing my portfolio. My experience shooting was very well organised with a professional approach, offering friendly advice and direction. Being new to modelling I was offered support and was constantly looked after in the shoot. Jay and his team are beyond exceptional and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Each time I shoot with his team I feel myself, and leave wanting to go back and achieve more. It’s an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to anyone looking to go down the pathway of fitness modeling to contact his team, you won’t be let down. Exceptional work AEFM.

Anneliese Maskell

AEFM have been super professional and supportive since I have joined. They know exactly what they’re doing and know their stuff within this industry. My first photo shoot with AEFM was amazing, I was given a lot of direction and support which helped me to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Would definitely recommend for anyone getting into the fitness modelling industry.

Georgia Lay

AEFM has been very supportive and motivating throughout this new journey of mine. My initial shoot was a fantastic experience and accompanied by a fantastic photographer who gave me expert knowledge for the shoot. AEFM was very adaptable when it came to weather hiccups and presents great communication. Altogether I’ve had a great experience with AEFM.

Jess Bowden

AEFM model agency delivered exceptional results and had a great team, with Lawanna and Blake making the experience seamless, while Jason’s quick responses were very helpful for our tight deadline, and we look forward to working together again on future projects!

Australian Defence Apparel

Jay and the team at AEFM International have been amazing! They’ve been so supportive and encouraging, which has helped so much especially being new to the industry.
I Highly recommend if you’re wanting to give sports modelling a try, the team make the process stress free and fun.

Indianna Allan

AEFM has been a great agency to work with. Jason is very proactive and does not distance himself from his models which makes communication very easy and efficient. My most recent job, booked through AEFM, with Celsius fitness equipment was extremely fun and provided an opportunity for me to showcase some athletic ability. The crew on set were warm, welcoming, professional and enjoyed a nice bit of banter as a bonus!

Mark Isichei

It has been a great experience working with AEFM. Communication from Jason is always clear and very professional and he makes it sound fun and easy. I also enjoyed with my shoot with Jacob. He made all the moves easy for me to do. It was my first professional photo shoot and he guided me well to achieve the results that we like. I felt so welcomed by the AEFM family and looking forward to work with them in the future.

Raige Enriquez

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