Commercial Services

We provide professional talent, commercial video, and photography services.

It all starts with an idea

AEFM International provides Professional Commercial Photography, Videography, Voice-over, Hair and Make-up and athletic talent services. From initial brainstorming ideas through to production and final release, AEFM is here to bring your brand’s story To Life..

AEFM has built up a reputation over the last 8-years for being professional, reliable, and efficient. Our extensive athletic talent base provides experience in a vast number of sporting disciplines such as Sprinting, Boxing, Muay Thai, Rowing, Cross-Country Skiing, Grappling, and Table Tennis to name a few.

All starts with a good story

The storyboard process starts with a brainstorming session with you, where we will discuss the purpose of the video or photography, where it will be used, and for what purpose. Knowing more about the story to be told, we shall then assign the right AEFM talent and finally the right team to execute the brief.

We are able to storyboard, execute, direct & supply talent, and produce commercial-quality videos and stills for print media to advertise your company’s product or service. Our experienced teams are ready to help you promote your product, service, or brand.

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Managing the process

Here at AEFM International, we understand there are many moving parts to executing a successful sports campaign. Every client has it’s own unique set of requirements and assignment details for its campaign.

It is our job to handle the entire production process for you, our liaisons will communicate with all relevant parties, ensuring that we are all on the same page. We will organise the photographer, videographer, hair, and makeup artist, call sheets, a photography studio, even down to booking the most suitable talent for the job, and more importantly technical requirements.

Working with you & your budget

Our commercial team has many years of experience working with companies just like yours. We understand that no two brands are the same, therefore we will work with your budget to provide the perfect campaign solution. We offer a turn-key solution, providing Commercial Photography, Videography, Hair and Makeup Artists, and Location Scouting, to Casting the right athlete for the assignment.

However, if you require only fitness talent, and not commercial photography, videography, and a Hair and make-up artist, we are more than happy to accommodate this.

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Commercial Fitness Photography

Commercial fitness photography is a specialty. We have a diverse range of skilled photographers who have many years of experience capturing high-impact shots of athletes in their respective fields. Our commercial photographers use full-frame cameras, they also have an assortment of lenses, from prime lenses, zooms, and macro lenses which provide the utmost in image quality.

Every detail counts, from shooting from the right height, angle, and quality of light, to the correct lens choice, all of which can make or break a photo shoot. We believe that a combination of great talent, stage-managed environments, and our super-talented photographers will produce effective results.

We understand that post-production is an important part of the overall visual production process. As a result, our photographers are very talented when it comes to post-production. It is imperative that the images are color graded to match your video content, this way both your imagery will match your video, making it look seamless to your audience.

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Shooting on location

Finding the right outdoor location is not easy. Uncovering a great outdoor location takes skill and patience. We are highly experienced in locating and securing the best outdoor locations for filming that fits your brand identity and the scope of the story being told by you.

Uncovering a great outdoor location takes skill and patience. Whether you are looking for that typical urban “Nike” running location, to a gritty “Under Armour” spot in a CrossFit gym environment, this is something we have past experience in and are happy to do on your behalf. It can make the difference between a mediocre production to a super-high-end polished look.

photo studio

Commercial photography studio

Our commercial photographers and videographers understand the technical aspects of shooting in a studio. Commercial fitness photography and videography is a multi-faceted process that requires extensive knowledge of artificial lighting, whether it requires a 2, 3, 4, or even a 5-light set-up, camera lenses, angle of view, and composition, all add to the complexity of the desired look the client is trying to create.

When you add another level of dynamic movement to the mix, along with the correct choice of lens, this is where our commercial photographers and videographers stand out from the rest due to our attention to detail and commitment to quality.


Fitness Videographer

We have a team of professional videographers that produce high-end video footage for TV commercials and Social Media Platforms in varying formats. This is the same type of high-quality video you would see in a Television Commercial.

If you are unsure as to what message you want to convey to your audience, our videographers have the ability to storyboard your vision, conceptualise and then execute your video. This allows us to map out a plan of action that can be adapted throughout production.

In this day and age, the video format is super compelling, particularly when the likes of TIK TOK, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Whether it be for a 10 or 60-second commercial, the videographer will capture a multitude of angles and various lengths of footage. We believe this is important to allow for the best outcome as well as provide more options when editing down to a 15-second teaser for your social media audiences.

We have worked on projects helping clients tell stories through the ever-changing medium of the internet.

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Professional voice-over service

If you are in need of a professional voice-over service, we have access to VoiceOver specialists that are able to speak various languages and speak different dialects. When using any type of digital communication and marketing, it is important to speak to your audience in a way that is easy for them to relate.

Therefore if this is something you would like to incorporate in your final video, this is a service we can offer.

professional hmua

Professional HMUA

Hair and makeup are an important part of every fitness photo shoot, they can make or break your image. Our talented artists have years of experience and will advise on what products are best for your desired outcome.

So whether you are looking for a more natural or dramatic look, our Hair and Makeup artists have it covered. Our team is well-trained in the latest trends and techniques, so they are sure to find the look best suited to your individual style.

Our top priority is the quality of our work. We make every effort to ensure that our talent looks their best during their shoot. Our Hair and Makeup professionals will be on set for the entire day, making small adjustments and keeping your look consistent. Attention to detail is of the highest importance.

Our most recent campaigns

Here at AEFM, we thrive on helping our clients achieve their brand vision. We are proud to share some of our most recent work with you.

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