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At AEFM International, we pride ourselves on being a premier fitness talent agency, specialising in attracting and engaging right-fit talent for various campaigns. Our esteemed female fitness models and fitness talent have consistently helped brands deliver their vision across a range of platforms. Whether it’s Television Commercials or Print Media, our fitness models bring the expertise needed to elevate any project. Based in Melbourne, our fitness model agency has facilitated high-end luxury brands and multinational corporations alike, ensuring their campaigns are a resounding success. For those seeking fitness model jobs in Melbourne, AEFM International is your go-to destination for professional representation and unparalleled opportunities in the industry.

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Fitness Icon Bobby: The Face of Leading Global Brands

African descent, Bobby’s athletic talent and striking presence have made him a standout figure in numerous high-profile campaigns, including A-League soccer TV commercials.

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G SUIT turns out to be a success amongst exhibitors at the Brisbane

GravityFit, known for its cutting-edge fitness equipment, recently exhibited their latest invention, The GravityFit suit.

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From Deck to Shore: Connor Embodies Zhik’s Vision in Latest Campaign

Zhik is renowned for creating cutting-edge sailing gear that pushes technological boundaries and propels the industry forward.

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Run, Lift, Repeat: Kai Embodies the ASICS Spirit

Kai’s impressive athletic skills and cultural heritage perfectly align with our diverse and dynamic audience, making him an ideal representative of the ASICS brand

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Celsius knock yet another e-commerce campaign out of the park.

AEFM is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Celsius Fitness Equipment for their exciting Rebel Sports Campaign.

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Mark Muscles Up: The Face of Muscle Meals’ Latest Campaign

Muscle Meals’ latest campaign proudly features Mark, an elite fitness model of mixed race based in Sydney.

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Fit and Fashionable: ZLEEK Australia Teams Up with AEFM for Melbourne’s Latest E-Commerce Shoot

AEFM International exemplify the seamless integration of style and athleticism. With AEFM's unparalleled talent pool and ZLEEK's cutting-edge designs, the stage is set for a new era of fitness-inspired fashion.

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Montanna Stars in Lululemon’s Global Campaign: A New Era of Fitness Excellence

Lululemon’s latest campaign, FURTHER, features Montanna, a leading fitness athlete from Melbourne, prominently showcasing her athletic prowess and modelling skills.

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From Australia to Global Stardom: Brenice’s Fitness Journey

Optimum Nutrition and Goodlife’s latest campaigns feature Brenice, a top fitness model and athlete, represented by the leading Fitness Talent Agency here in Australia

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No Timid Souls Teams Up with AEFM International Talent Management Agency for their GLIDE 360 Range

AEFM International is proud to present this new and exciting collaboration between No Timid Souls, a pioneering activewear brand, and our renowned fitness talent agency.

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Sydney’s Athletic Prodigy Mark Shines in Rebel Sports, Champs, and S Training Campaigns

Rebel Sports’ latest photoshoot and video campaign features Mark, a talented mixed-race athlete from Sydney

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Celsius delivers yet another exceptional e-commerce campaign.

AEFM, Australia's leading fitness modeling agency, is pleased to announce our latest collaboration with Celsius Fitness Equipment for their notable Melbourne campaign

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From Training to Triumph: Montanna Stars in Rebel Sports, Under Armour, and ASICS Campaigns

This commitment to her fitness and athleticism makes her the perfect fit for showcasing the innovative gear of Rebel Sports, Under Armour, and ASICS.

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Fuel Your Fitness Journey: Maxine’s Launches Their Game-Changing Campaign

AEFM International, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to guiding our clients towards the best resources for their needs.

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F45 Elevates its brand with a super Dynamic Sydney Photoshoot with AEFM International’s elite male fitness model, Aiden.

In 2018, F45 embarked on an exhilarating journey with a photoshoot and video campaign in Sydney, aiming to encapsulate the essence of their iconic fitness franchise.

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