Jared is a distinguished commercial fitness and athletic photographer, renowned for producing high-end images that effectively promote and market products within the global fitness industry. Since beginning his career in 2015, he has collaborated with numerous companies, providing visually compelling content that drives sales and brand recognition. Jared’s exceptional talent lies in his ability to capture the essence of fitness and athleticism, creating dynamic and inspiring visuals that resonate with audiences. His work not only showcases the physical prowess of athletes and fitness models but also highlights the unique features and benefits of the products they endorse.

Jared’s portfolio includes collaborations with top fitness brands, supplement companies, sports apparel manufacturers, and health clubs. His keen eye for detail and mastery of lighting and composition ensure that every image he produces is of the highest quality. Whether it’s a high-intensity workout, a serene yoga session, or a product in use, Jared’s images are crafted to perfection, making them ideal for advertising campaigns, social media, print publications, and online marketing.

In addition to his technical expertise, Jared is known for his ability to direct and motivate his subjects, ensuring that even first-time models feel comfortable and perform at their best in front of the camera. His professionalism and dedication to his craft have earned him a stellar reputation in the industry, making him a sought-after photographer for brands looking to elevate their visual marketing efforts. Jared’s work continues to set the standard for excellence in fitness photography, helping brands connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Experience & Strengths

Technical Experience

Proficient in both studio lighting and on-location setups, allowing him to capture precise and high-quality images.

Industry Knowledge

Deep understanding of the fitness market, enabling him to create impactful and relevant visuals.

People Skills

Exceptional ability to connect with and put subjects at ease, resulting in natural and compelling photographs.

Attention to Detail

Meticulous in his approach, ensuring every shot meets the highest standards.

Creativity and Innovation

Continuously explores new techniques and trends, keeping his work fresh and cutting-edge.

Storytelling Ability

Effectively conveys powerful messages through his images, enhancing the overall impact of his work.

Body of Work