Rachel is a distinguished photographer known for her captivating work in fitness, adventure, and outdoor photography. With a profound passion for exploring the world and an exceptional eye for detail, she transforms everyday moments into visually stunning narratives that both inspire and captivate audiences. Rachel’s journey into photography was fueled by her love of travel and adventure. Her distinct perspective and ability to uncover beauty in unexpected places have allowed her to document experiences in a way that deeply resonates with viewers. Her work celebrates the active lifestyle, showcasing the dedication, strength, and spirit of athletes and adventurers.

A skilled fitness photographer at AEFM, Rachel excels at capturing the dynamic energy and dedication of athletes through her lens. Her striking photos bring out the best in every subject, making her the ideal choice for models looking to enhance their portfolios in the fitness industry. Explore her portfolio to see how Rachel’s work can elevate your imagery, tell compelling stories of athletic excellence, and engage your audience with visually stunning photographs that truly inspire.

Her ability to adapt to different environments and subjects showcases her technical expertise and creative vision. Whether she is capturing the serene beauty of a remote mountain range or the intense focus of an athlete mid-competition, Rachel’s work is always characterized by its vivid detail and emotional depth. Her photos do more than just capture moments they tell stories, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions. With each project, Rachel continues to push the boundaries of her craft, always striving to bring out the best in her subjects and settings.

Experience & Strengths

Adventure Photography

Excels in capturing the thrill and beauty of outdoor and adventure activities, bringing a sense of excitement to her images

Client Rapport

Builds strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and delivering personalised results


Skilled at capturing spontaneous moments, resulting in genuine and lively photographs

Attention to Detail

Meticulous in his approach, ensuring every shot meets the highest standards.

Versatile Skill Set

Combines expertise in lifestyle, fitness, and brand photography, offering a broad range of capabilities

Authentic Storytelling

Focuses on authenticity in her storytelling, ensuring each image reflects real emotions and experiences

Body of Work