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Meet the visionary behind our journey, a lifelong athlete who turned his passion into a pioneering fitness empire. From his early days dominating the sports fields of Yorkshire to clinching victories in natural bodybuilding and sprinting, he’s defied every stereotype about age and athleticism.

Now, at fifty, he stands as a living testament to the power of dedication and discipline, his sculpted physique reflecting years of unwavering commitment to fitness.

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From a very young age, he immersed himself in sports. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he actively engaged in soccer, cricket, cross-country running, and rugby — participating in any activity that staved off boredom.

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From the beginnings in Yorkshire, to creating a fitness empire down under

He was selected for Yorkshire juniors under 16s, a moment beginning an exhilarating journey. From there, his talent caught the eye of scouts from Leicestershire County Cricket Club, where he continued to hone his skills. Later, he found himself scouted to Gloucestershire’s second eleven, where he showcased his abilities in a handful of thrilling matches, scoring 119 in his first innings as an opener in the second eleven.

Embarking on a new adventure that led him to Melbourne, Australia, he played for various teams in Melbourne. However, his journey didn’t end there. Transitioning from player to mentor, he found his calling in the fitness industry, sharing his expertise as a dedicated fitness professional for over thirteen years.

Fueled by his love for sport and fitness, he established Australia’s first Athletic Agency. With a vision to connect athletes with Global Fitness Brands, he embarked on this ambitious journey, ready to leave a lasting impact on the Fitness Management Sector Down Under.

At the age of 30, he ventured into the world of natural bodybuilding. Competing in several Natural Body Building Competitions. He left an indelible mark by clinching the top spot in the INBA National “Novice Division,” showcasing his dedication and talent. Competing 5 years in a row, taking an impressive 3rd place finish in INBA Nationals, in a  fiercely competitive National Open Category.

At the age of forty, he pursued his dream of becoming a sprinter, defying age stereotypes with every stride. In a remarkable debut, he placed first at the prestigious Meadowglen Gift. With a lightning-fast time of 7.4 seconds over 70 meters, despite starting with a 7-meter handicap.

Turning fifty in 2024, he finds himself at the pinnacle of his athletic journey, defying age’s constraints with every step. Recent pictures below showcase a physique sculpted by dedication and discipline, a testament to his unwavering commitment to fitness. Training rigorously one to two times per day, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest for excellence. His diet reflects his unwavering dedication, fueled by wholesome, nutrient-rich foods that nourish his body and optimise performance. At fifty, he stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving that age is just a number.

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Creating a fitness revolution on the international stage

In June 2014, (AEFM International) Australia’s Elite Fitness Models made a dynamic entrance, sparking a fitness revolution. Now, as we fast forward to 2024, AEFM International proudly stands as a towering figure, boasting a formidable lineup of more than 250 models nationwide. Throughout the past decade, AEFM talent has become a beacon of excellence, consistently landing prestigious campaigns with global industry leaders.


From national powerhouse to global sensation

The next phase of the plan involves expanding AEFM from a national powerhouse to a global sensation. With sights set on regions like the Middle East and Europe, AEFM aims to establish its presence and influence on a truly international scale. This expansion not only broadens the reach of AEFM but also opens up exciting opportunities for talented fitness models worldwide.

Furthermore, the plan includes leveraging the ever-growing list of talent across Australia to enhance the Fitness User Generated Content platform. By tapping into the creativity and expertise of its roster of models, AEFM aims to curate engaging and inspiring content that resonates with fitness brands worldwide. This initiative not only strengthens AEFM’s position as a leader in the fitness industry but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among it’s network of fitness models.

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