We deliver top-tier creative services meticulously tailored for fitness brands, casting directors, and other related industries. Our comprehensive approach is designed to meet the unique demands and expectations of each client, ensuring a bespoke service that highlights the distinct qualities of your brand. Our expert team, composed of industry veterans and creative professionals, is dedicated to transforming your vision into a stunning reality with unparalleled precision and boundless creativity.

From the inception of an idea to its final execution, we strive to ensure that every piece of visual content we produce not only enhances your brand but also deeply resonates with your target audience. We understand the importance of creating content that not only captures attention but also conveys the essence of your brand’s identity and values. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that your brand’s story is told in the most engaging and impactful way possible, fostering a strong connection with your audience and driving meaningful engagement.

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Nicky's nearly three decades in the advertising industry have solidified her reputation as an unparalleled expert and leader.

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End-to-end creative services for any campaign

We are excited to help bring your fitness brand’s vision to life with our personalized creative services. From the get-go, we work closely with you, diving deep into what makes your brand tick and what you want to achieve. Our brainstorming sessions are not just productive but also fun and full of energy, tapping into the latest trends in the fitness world to ensure your campaign not only catches the eye but truly captivates and motivates.

When it’s time to turn those ideas into reality, our friendly team of creative experts, including art directors, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and stylists, steps in to take care of everything. We handle all the details, big and small, to ensure that every part of your campaign is polished and perfectly aligned with your goals. At AEFM International, we’re more than just your service provider; we’re your enthusiastic creative partner, committed to delivering outstanding, impactful campaigns that make your fitness brand shine and connect meaningfully with your audience.

Recent Projects

Our Creative Team Brings

Our creative team at AEFM International brings a dynamic blend of enthusiasm, expertise, and innovation to each project. We’re focused on elevating your fitness brand, ensuring it not only stands out but also resonates deeply with your audience. From initial concept development through to execution, our team is dedicated to producing engaging and effective content. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft visually appealing and strategically aligned campaigns, whether through cutting-edge videography, striking graphic design, or vibrant photography. With AEFM International, your brand’s vision becomes a captivating reality, tailored to engage and inspire your audience every step of the way.

Summary of qualifications

  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Innovative Content Production
  • Proficient at working towards strict deadlines
  • Skilled in directing large teams
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management
  • Tailored Service Offering

Our range of top-tier creative services

We offer a diverse array of creative services designed to bring every facet of your campaign to vibrant life. Our friendly and skilled team is ready to help you with everything from brainstorming fresh ideas to executing flawless final products. Whether it’s stunning photography, engaging videography, eye-catching graphic design, or expert styling, we tailor our services to fit the unique needs of your fitness brand. We’re here to support your goals, amplify your message, and ensure your campaign not only reaches but also resonates with your audience, inspiring action and loyalty.

Creative Directors

Our Creative Directors lead the creative team, overseeing the development of concepts and ensuring the creative vision aligns with client objectives. They ensure all projects maintain a high standard of creativity and cohesiveness, guiding the team to deliver innovative and impactful marketing materials. Our Creative Directors are dedicated to transforming your ideas into compelling visual narratives, ensuring that every aspect of your campaign is executed flawlessly and effectively communicates your brand's message.

Art Directors

We provide expert art direction services to ensure that every visual element of your advertising and marketing materials is designed with creativity and precision. Our experienced art directors are responsible for the visual aspects of your campaigns, including design, layout, and branding elements. We work closely with clients to bring their vision to life and ensure that every piece of visual content effectively communicates their message and enhances their brand.


Our photographers and videographers capture high-quality images and videos for campaigns. They ensure each visual element is professionally produced, aligning with the client's brand and effectively conveying the intended message. Our team is dedicated to creating visually stunning content that enhances your brand’s presence and engages your audience across all media platforms.

Brainstorming Ideas

We begin by engaging in creative brainstorming sessions with our clients. During these sessions, we focus on understanding your vision, exploring market trends, and analyzing the competitive landscape. This open exchange of ideas helps us understand your goals and preferences. By immersing ourselves in your brand’s identity, we ensure that our creative ideas reflect your core principles and resonate with your target audience. We stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the market, bringing these insights to the table to ensure our concepts are innovative and relevant.

Visual Concept Development

At AEFM International, we collaborate with clients to develop strong visual concepts that align with their brand identity and campaign objectives. This involves engaging in creative brainstorming sessions, creating detailed mood boards, and sketching initial concepts to ensure that every project is tailored to meet the unique needs of fitness brands, casting directors, and related industries.

Creating Mood Boards

To visually communicate the proposed concepts, we create detailed mood boards. These boards serve as a visual representation of the project's aesthetic direction, incorporating colors, textures, imagery, and typography that reflect the desired look and feel. Mood boards help clients visualise the creative direction and provide a tangible reference point for the project. This ensures that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the visual strategy and can provide feedback before the final execution begins.

Sketching Initial Concepts

Our creative team then translates the ideas and mood board elements into initial sketches and mock-ups. These preliminary designs capture the essence of the visual concepts and allow us to experiment with different layouts, compositions, and styles. We present these sketches to clients for feedback, ensuring that the proposed concepts resonate with their brand and campaign goals.

Design and Layout

At AEFM International, we create visually appealing and cohesive designs for various advertising formats, including print ads, digital ads, social media graphics, brochures, and posters. Our designs ensure that layouts are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also effectively communicate the intended message, resonating with your target audience and enhancing your brand's visual presence.

Graphic Design and Retouching Services

We offer comprehensive graphic design and retouching services to elevate your brand’s visual appeal. Our graphic designers create compelling visuals, including graphics, illustrations, and layouts, tailored for various media platforms. We ensure each design aligns with your brand identity and effectively communicates your intended message. Additionally, our retouching services enhance the quality and impact of your images, ensuring they are polished and professional, perfectly aligned with your brand’s standards. Partner with AEFM International to elevate your brand’s visual presence and make a lasting impact on your audience.

Recent commercial projects

Check out some of our most recent commercial campaigns.

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Gymnastics Meets Style: Anika Takes Centre Stage in Active Basics’ Latest Launch

Anika was selected for Active Basics' latest campaign due to her exceptional athletic skills, striking appearance, and strong connection with the target audience. As a gymnast specialising in high beam and handstands

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Rockwear new logo Oct 2023

From Gymnastics to Fitness Icon: Lucinda Shines in Rockwear’s New Sports Bra Launch

Rockwear showcased their activewear's performance by having Lucinda sprint up stairs, perform backflips, jumping over hurdles. Filmed at Sydney's Olympic Running Track this high-impact campaign, set to air on TV and online.

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Strength in Representation: AEFM Powers Celsius Campaigns in Rebel Stores

AEFM's involvement, providing highly skilled models who embody the spirit of health and fitness, has ensured that each campaign resonates well with the target audience, boosting the brand's reputation and market position.

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