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We understand that the success of your modeling career is tied directly to the quality of the images we provide you from your initial portfolio shoot. That is why we have partnered with some of the best photographers in the industry. Our in-house photographers have been hand-selected for their ability to shoot fitness, professionalism, timely production and talent communications and are on-hand ready to travel to your location or studio. Whether you are looking for a full professional portfolio or video footage of you exercising, our photographers/videographers will work closely with you to make sure they get what they need to create images that will help launch your career as a fitness model.

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A highly skilled and sought-after fitness photographer based in Queensland at AEFM. Jared is known for his exceptional ability to capture the spirit and strength of athletes. His photographs not only highlight the physical prowess of his subjects but also their determination and passion. Check out his portfolio to see how his photography can elevate your chance of being cast for work, bringing out your best and showcasing your athletic potential in every shot.

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A talented fitness photographer celebrated for his keen eye and ability to capture the essence of athleticism, his expertise in highlighting strength, agility, and endurance in every shot sets him apart in the fitness industry. Browse his portfolio to see how his work can enhance your modeling portfolio, bringing out the best in every athlete and showcasing the dynamic energy of fitness through stunning visuals. His photographs will elevate your profile, making you stand out in the competitive world of fitness modeling.

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I'm thrilled to welcome you to AEFM International. Having spent several years both behind and in front of the camera, I intimately understand the journey you are embarking on as you enter the exciting world of fitness modeling. My extensive background has equipped me with a deep understanding of movement and the art of capturing it through photography and film. I am dedicated to helping you showcase your full potential and achieve your modeling goals.

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With a keen eye for detail and a passion for fitness, Matthew's work elevates fitness models by creating visually striking images that tell compelling stories of strength and dedication. His photography not only highlights the physical prowess of athletes but also their determination and passion, making every shot a powerful representation of athletic excellence. By capturing these authentic moments, Matthew helps models connect with their audience and inspire a sense of motivation and aspiration, enhancing their portfolios with stunning visuals.

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A skilled fitness photographer at AEFM, Rachel excels at capturing the dynamic energy and dedication of athletes through her lens. Her striking photos bring out the best in every subject, making her the ideal choice for models looking to enhance their portfolios in the fitness industry. Explore her portfolio to see how Rachel's work can elevate your imagery, tell compelling stories of athletic excellence, and engage your audience with visually stunning photographs that truly inspire.

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A dynamic Sydney fitness photographer at AEFM, Tiffany is known for her vibrant energy and dedication. She excels in capturing the power and grace of athletic performance, bringing each moment to life with her lens. Explore her portfolio to see how her talent can elevate your modeling portfolio and showcase the essence of athleticism, highlighting the strength and determination of every athlete she photographs. Tiffany’s work is perfect for fitness models looking to enhance their profiles with stunning visuals that capture the true spirit of athletic excellence.

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Fitness Photography for talent

While you are there to work, it should also be a positively challenging experience where you will learn a lot about the photographic aspect and the creation of elite campaigns. We try our best to mimic an actual company campaign, giving you an insight as to how brands shoot their content, but without the masses behind the camera.

For our talent, an AEFM photoshoot is a lot of fun. We want all of our talent to be comfortable with themselves in front of the camera and we ensure that your personality shines through in every photo that we take. We believe that having a good rapport with your photographer makes for better photos and helps us achieve our goal of creating a genuine connection between you and the viewer through our work.

Our photographers will assist you with how to pose and move so do not worry. Through a mixture of gestures, he or she will slowly create strong lines which will translate well on camera. Visual queues from the back of the camera will be given, so you will be able to see and adjust those small changes.

Recent Projects

Our Fitness Photographers

We recognise the profound impact that high-quality images can have on the success of fitness brands and their campaigns. Understanding this, we have assembled a team of elite photographers who are celebrated for their exceptional expertise in fitness photography and unwavering professionalism. Our photographers are dedicated to capturing the authenticity and dynamic energy of athletes, ensuring that every image not only meets the highest standards of quality but also resonates deeply with the person thats potentially going to hire you.

Our photographers excel in highlighting the unique attributes and strengths of each athlete, creating visually compelling content that showcases their dedication and passion. By focusing on the nuances of movement, expression, and form, our team ensures that each photograph tells a powerful story and enhances the brand’s narrative. Their ability to capture the essence of athleticism and the spirit of competition sets our photography apart, making it an invaluable asset for fitness brands looking to make a lasting impression.

Additionally, our photographers employ state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to achieve stunning visual results. Whether it’s for your personal portfolio or your social media, they bring a creative vision and technical prowess to every shoot. This dedication to excellence ensures that the images produced are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically effective in elevating your presence and appeal in this ever increasingly  competitive fitness industry.

Summary of Photographer Qualifications

  • Have industry experience
  • Have shot in high pressure environments
  • Are able to direct talent effectively
  • Are available to travel interstate or internationally (pending availability)
  • Can work toward strict deadlines
  • Have experience in PS and AI.

We’re proud to be working with brands across Australia

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