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Fitness commercial photography captures the essence of athleticism and healthy lifestyles, promoting fitness brands and products with visually stunning images. This focused field is crucial for marketing campaigns, highlighting the strength, agility, and energy of athletes in a way that resonates emotionally with the audience. Expertly crafted to showcase athletic apparel and equipment, these powerful visuals inspire and engage, helping brands to forge deep connections with their target market. By prioritising creativity and precision, fitness commercial photography brings a brand’s vision to life, driving recognition and consumer engagement.

Carlos New


Dedicated to nurturing new talent with a distinguished portfolio in photography and videography over more than three decades.

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JT New


A distinguished commercial fitness and athletic photographer within the global fitness industry.

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An acclaimed advertising and portrait photographer known for his richly colorful, concept-based portraits.

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Commercial Photography that makes your brand stand out

Our commercial photography at AEFM International sets a high standard in capturing the intense, dynamic essence of athleticism, helping your brand distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace. We specialize in creating visually compelling images that do more than just display the strength, agility, and energy of athletes; they connect on a profound level with viewers, evoking deep emotional responses. Our team’s emphasis on creativity paired with meticulous precision allows us to transform your brand’s vision into captivating visual content that not only inspires but also actively engages your audience.

Each photograph is carefully crafted to highlight the athlete’s prowess, portraying their physical capabilities and competitive spirit in a manner that resonates with your target market. This approach not only enhances brand recognition but also boosts consumer engagement, creating a memorable impact. By showcasing athletes in powerful, dynamic poses and scenarios, we ensure that every image tells a story of excellence and determination, aligning perfectly with the aspirations and values of your brand. This strategic depiction helps forge stronger connections between your brand and its audience, making each campaign not just seen but felt.



Recent Projects

Our Commercial Photographers

We understand the profound impact that high-quality images can have on the success of fitness brands and their campaigns. Our elite photographers, renowned for their expertise in fitness photography and professionalism, are dedicated to capturing the authenticity and energy of athletes. We collaborate closely with casting directors, creative agencies, and marketing directors to produce compelling visuals that resonate emotionally with audiences. Whether it’s video footage of workouts or striking stills, our work is designed to elevate your brand and connect deeply with your target market. We focus on capturing the raw authenticity and vibrant energy of athletes, bringing out the very best of each moment. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and creative prowess, we craft images and videos that do more than just depict physical activity, they tell a story, evoke feelings, and inspire action.


Summary of Photographer Qualifications

  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Proven ability to shoot in high-pressure environments
  • Proficient at working towards strict deadlines
  • Skilled in directing large teams
  • Experienced in retouching
  • Available for interstate and international travel
  • Expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Strong creative vision and adaptability to client-specific needs

Recent commercial projects

Check out some of our most recent commercial campaigns.

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Gymnastics Meets Style: Anika Takes Centre Stage in Active Basics’ Latest Launch

Anika was selected for Active Basics' latest campaign due to her exceptional athletic skills, striking appearance, and strong connection with the target audience. As a gymnast specialising in high beam and handstands

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Rockwear new logo Oct 2023

From Gymnastics to Fitness Icon: Lucinda Shines in Rockwear’s New Sports Bra Launch

Rockwear showcased their activewear's performance by having Lucinda sprint up stairs, perform backflips, jumping over hurdles. Filmed at Sydney's Olympic Running Track this high-impact campaign, set to air on TV and online.

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Strength in Representation: AEFM Powers Celsius Campaigns in Rebel Stores

AEFM's involvement, providing highly skilled models who embody the spirit of health and fitness, has ensured that each campaign resonates well with the target audience, boosting the brand's reputation and market position.

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We're proud to partner with leading brands across Australia, elevating their campaigns with exceptional visual content that resonates globally.

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