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Professional Fitness Photography

A successful fitness model photographic portfolio consists of imagery to the same quality and standard as that featuring in an advertising campaign by one of the world's leading athletic brands (Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, Adidas, etc.).

To achieve this level the portfolio must contain a variety of dramatic angles both wide and telephoto. Fast shutter speeds capture the athlete in motion and dramatic controlled lighting carves out the physique and brings emphasis to the model's physical prowess as well as the cut and fit of the featured garment. 

This combination of photography techniques and posing knowledge are the keystones of a professional fitness photographer.

What should a professional Look-Book contain

A model’s portfolio is their first impression to any agencies and talent seekers in the industry, and thus the importance of a professional portfolio cannot be emphasised enough. When constructing a modelling portfolio, it is fundamental that we do so in a manner that reflects the type of modelling we will be engaging in. For all those auditioning to be an Elite fitness model for AEFM, it is integral that the portfolio is relevant, and thus health and fitness related. A well-assembled portfolio not only demonstrates professionalism but also will be the difference in how far you progress in the industry.

When it comes to fitness modelling there is never going to be one exact “Look” or “Type” that a company will go for. For this reason, your portfolio should effectively demonstrate your versatility as a model. By ensuring you present a range of different looks, situations, styles, even hair colouring, you will be maximising your appeal. As a new model, your portfolio should include 8-10 high quality photos. These photos should encapsulate you and what you have to offer- it must demonstrate versatility in your ability to portray different qualities and personalities. As your career grows and you obtain more experience, your portfolio will need to expand, ideally having 10-20 high quality-high resolution photos.


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Naiomi Fitness Model

“Oz is a pure professional.  Not only does he make the experience feel so relaxed and comfortable but also greets you like a friend from the very start.  His personality brings the shoot to life and creates a fun atmosphere.  I was so thrilled with the shots when viewed during the shoot and had all confidence with the results of the final pictures received.  I can’t wait to work with Oz again and the magic he creates with his pictures.”.

Alanah Bikini Model

“I met Oz the day of my shoot. I was so nervous due to not having done a lot of this before. He made me feel really comfortable and was a lot of fun to work with. Oz had amazing vision and the pictures he took prove it. They turned out amazing. I would definitely jump at the chance to work work Oz again. I am extremely happy with the final outcome!”.

Lauren Fashion / Catwalk Model

“When I first heard that I was shooting with Oz I was very nervous because I had heard of his high profile work and I didn’t know how I would cope with the stress of trying to impress him but once I’d spoken to him and actually began to plan the shoot I become so much more comfortable and was able to have fun on the day, he greeted me with a smile and I was so excited to shoot with him, he really did make it an enjoyable experience that I could just be myself with and the photos are amazing I’m so happy with them”.

Kerri International Fitness Model

“Oz is the best photographer I have ever shot with. I always feel I want lots of guidance with photos and not only did he guide me all the way, he taught me a couple of things and on top of that, he was funny and made me feel extremely comfortable. He is also very talented and creative and really emphasises that the shots are about the model, not his style. I would love to shoot with him again”.

Jamie TVC / Athletic Model

“Initially shooting with Oz was very nerve racking for me as it was my first professional photoshoot. However after speaking on the phone prior, Oz made me feel completely at ease with his encouragement and sense of humour. Onsite he was easy to follow and had amazing foresight to create fantastic images. He had a relaxed professionalism I have never before experienced that made for an amazing shoot. I would not hesitate at the opportunity to model for him again and would recommend Oz to anyone looking not just for good images but amazing photos”.