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  • Name : Gracie
  • State : Melbourne
  • Ethnicity : European
  • Gender : Female
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Hazel
  • Height : 5'7 (170 cm)
  • Waist : 73cm / 28'7
  • Shoe Size : 8
  • Dress Size : 8
  • Chest / Bust : Non
  • Cup Size : Non

    She has a strong passion for fitness and health and endeavours to make people from all walks of life aware and well informed about the benefits of an active lifestyle. Being brought up into a strong and competitive sporting environment from a young age Grace knows that hard work pays off.

    "I enjoy the outdoors and travelling more than anything. Some hobbies include surfing, tennis and live gig's. Music and sport are a huge part of my life and I believe are great ways to spread global awareness towards health and well-being. I hope to one day change the way "health" is portrayed into a more positive and easy way of living, instead of something that requires an "uncomfortable" amount of effort."