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  • Name : James G
  • State : Melbourne
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Gender : Male
  • Hair Color : Dark Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Height : 6' (182 cm)
  • Waist : 76cm / 29'9
  • Shoe Size : 11
  • Dress Size : Non
  • Chest / Bust : Non
  • Cup Size : Non

    Melbourne Fitness / Underwear and Apparel Model

    I Started modelling at a very young age in catalogues such as Kmart and Target. I would love getting pulled out of school to do a shoot. As I got older, time become more precious and it was time to put my head down and put more hours into studying.

    It wasn’t until recently that I picked up modelling again. However, I have always had a deep rooted passion for fitness and nutrition. Thus, I decided to do a personal training course and implement my views onto my clients. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t monitor what I eat or get to the gym. This is more than a hobby for me, it is my drug. Combining two passions of mine; modelling and fitness has always been a dream of mine. Coupled with discovering new places and undertaking new experiences, I am willing to take every opportunity that is delivered to me.

    I am eager to learn and please. I consider myself to be a confident and friendly individual who will do anything to succeed in life. There is no stopping me when I have a task at hand.

    I love playing sport with friends; mostly AFL and basketball. I like to think I can dabble in tennis, athletics, boxing and swimming too.