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  • Name : Kerri
  • State : Sydney
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Gender : Female
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Height : 5'6 (167 cm)
  • Waist : 70cm / 27'6
  • Shoe Size : 8
  • Dress Size : 8
  • Chest / Bust : Non
  • Cup Size : Non

    Sydney Lifestyle & Athletic Model

    I am a former Australian born professional stage / club freestyle dancer and DJ. My love for trance music and dance led me into the industry performing in major nightclubs, events and festivals throughout Sydney as well as internationally. Now my interest has moved to fitness which has always been a lifestyle for me. I loves the challenge, mostly the mind challenge which reflects on the body, of pushing through training sessions. My new focus is sports / fitness modelling and motorbike stunt riding.

    Athtelic Ability

    Dance, Swimming, Track and Field, Soccer, Boxing, Motor sports and Boxing